Dune Spice Wars, sci-fi RTS, will be faithful to the work and will arrive in advance access

The latest edition of The Game Awards brought us the presentation of a new video game of Real-time strategy based on the work of science fiction by Frank Herbert , recently adapted to the Great Screen by Denis Villanueva. Its developers, Shirt Games have published in Steam a ‘frequently asked questions’ that has served us to have a panorama of how the wars will be for the spice.

First, the game will not be limited to the strategy in real time, but will also incorporate elements of a 4x . Shirt Games has described his game as something slower than a typical RTS, being able to pause and move fast, adding Exploration, control of territories, economic activity, politics and espionage , making it a 4x title, but not subtracting interest in The RTS experience.

We can build buildings in our base of operations, although we will not be deposited manually on the ground, since this is a game on a larger scale than that of a common RTS . For the moment they have only been announced two houses such as playable factions, the abrades and the Harmonies , although the study plans to have two other preparations for the launch, followed by a fifth faction that will arrive during early access.

Dune: Spice Wars will be faithful to the work of Frank Herbert

The developers have highlighted that many representations have been carried out differently from the original work in the previous video games, films or comics for years. An example is the color of the standard and uniform of the abrades , described in books as green and black , while they have usually represented them in the games with blue color.

Dune Spice Wars will come in advance access this 2022 Facilities such as the BROS house were mentioned in Dune Encyclopedia and on the video game Dune 2 , while it has never been done in the works of Frank Herbert. This has led Shirt Games to focus on those factions found in the books and leave for later the others. Before Dune Spice Wars, the study was recognized by the fantastic Viking Strategy Title, Northward, however, the study has recognized that there is very little Northward in Dune Spice Wars, this being a game of a much greater scale .

Procedural maps and unique places

Dune: Spice Wars will have maps that will be processed in a procedural way , where we will have to take into account their different sizes, the strength of the wind and the activity of the sand worms. These maps will count on unique places that will be a surprise for the readers of books, with references taken care of literary work.

The study has also expressed enthusiasm with the format of Advance access with which the game will work, recognizing having had a pleasant experience in the games released previously. The ‘Early Access’ would have allowed them to better balance the game thanks to the comments of the players, being able to adapt the launch schedule for to comply with the expectations of users .

A bet for the artistic style ‘Cartoon’

The artistic section seeks to break the monotony of the desert The visual section of the game has been another of the most striking aspects and as its developers have explained, seeks to avoid monotony . One of the problems that they were facing when creating the game was to set it in a desert planet . This could lead that with the hours became quite insipid, so they worked even with geologists specialized in deserts to shape elements that could exist in an environment like this. On the other hand, the art direction sought to add elements that contribute a variety of colors and forms so that the environment did not become boring.

The game will feature multiplayer mode , although at the moment they are focused on the main game mode, however, they have confirmed that it will be an important update during early access. Another one of the great absent will be the main campaign, which will not be present during the launch version, although it will also arrive throughout early access.

In terms of post-phase content such as DLC, Shirt Games has confessed that at the moment they have not made plans for it, in the same way as for the mods, where their arrival will depend on demand. DUNE: Spice Wars will arrive along this 2022 to PC , with several languages, among which we will find the Spanish. Today we talked about one of the most interesting curiosities as the franchise, and has to do with one of its canceled games, the promising title for Game Boy Advance recovered through a successful Kickstarter.

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