Final Fantasy 14 already has a date to be able to be able to be purchased after suspending your sales due to mass success

I had all the ingredients to be and at the end it has been established as such: Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most important MMORPG of the world of video games, and is giving it constant joys to a Square Enix He was forced to suspend digital game sales at the end of December to decongest his servers, since they were receiving too many new users lately.

Until then, the title had remained outside the digital stores in order to get a stability in their number of users, but that is something that will change soon. Through an official statement published on the game website, it is stated that next January 25 will be the day in which it is available again to buy.


The data centers of Japan, Europe and North America will be improved It has been the producer and director of the work, Naomi Yeshiva , who has made the announcement, after congratulating the New Year and thank the players support. In the text, he also highlights that will expand the servers of Final Fantasy XIV worldwide, remarkably improving Japan, North America and Europe data centers. In these last two cases it will not be effective until summer this year, completing themselves by the same dates in 2023, due to the problems originated by the shortage of components . In addition, Oceania will receive your own data center on 25 this month.

We will invest a lot of financial and labor resources, but we will do everything possible to ensure that this effort does not have a negative impact on availability to play, so we would appreciate your support while you continue with your adventures Yeshiva says.

With these measures, they should achieve the long-awaited objective that they can incorporate more users to experience. The director has recently called calm the community of players in Japan for the fact that he has received several verbal attacks in recent weeks. Something that at the end is inevitable when you have so many players, surpassing the 25 million in the month of December.

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