Fantastic “Sankai” world-magnificent story & unique world view

RESTAR LIMITED has announced this spring Kotokai kaleidoscope ~ looking into the world of Sankai-myth New MMORPG, scheduled for release epic story and a unique view of the world (Sankai).

Hello everyone! Welcome to the world of the Sankai !

Unique view of the world

Sankai is a strange world, full of endless mysterious breath. Games main story is creative in the reorganization on the basis of the old nationality, fused many of the Eastern folk history, was not at the same time mystical Eastern culture of ancient, woven equal geography and people Yamakawa.

Rare animal, a person in the mythology, there are many such strange surgery. How human beings came exactly from where. And Where to go, you may be able to find the answer here.

Screenplay over a million characters

Sankai is focused on the expressive power of the story, the development team is polishing the script over three years, it has completed a wealth of stories that over a million characters. In the game of the story, all of the stories videos on Seiryo image quality, also has a voice. The player who experience this original story, we believe surely be attracted. What adventure is going exactly to anywhere in the Shotsukasainochi, only those who have experienced in yourself, you can feel the intense force of this story!

sophisticated landscape bring out the charm of Sankai

When set foot in this adventure, first you’ll be surprised at the size of the world. How in all directions without blind spots even in the scene is the world in front of the players of the eye it has been deployed. Any odd-even to meet or at Tokai border, whether there has been any trouble with the nine-tailed fox family in blue hill, or 10 pieces of the sun, such as… all to witness a scene that is a break in the same tree mystery Yutani is, it can be solved one by one in the story of the Sankai !

As the story progresses, you will see a lot of various emotions of unimaginable Kibun and the world. All this comes from from HiroshiAra time that far east world.

pre-registration method

Pre-registration of Sankai can be done by order book from each app store.

Campaign is also being conducted by the game in the luxury items, etc. will be distributed in accordance with the pre-registration’s number! Since we are planning to be content transmission to introduce the charm of the Sankai at the official website and press release the future, please wait to enjoy on top of the pre-registration.

Please refer to the Sankai pre-registration site and each app store for more information.

for the Kotokai kaleidoscope ~ looking into the world of Sankai-myth –

Official site: official Twitter: official BBS: Genre: MMORPG delivery time (delivery schedule): 2022 Price : basic free-to-play (some free-to-play system) iOS recommended environment: iphone6s more, iPad2017 more, iOS 9 more Android recommended environment: Android4.3 or more, CPU (Qualcomm Snapdragon) 800 or more, more memory 3GB (C) Restar Games

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