Gearbox: CEO Randy Pitchford publicly speaks against NFTs

Hardly any industry is as changeable and unstable as the gaming industry : You can not get rising from the bed in the morning, and suddenly you read that Microsoft Activision Blizzard has bought. Similarly, it often behaves with trends that move into the world of video games and keep shorter, time longer in the news.

One of these trends are NFTs, so-called non-fungible tokens . Currently, many companies and prominent personalities for the images stored on the blockchain speak out, but players have largely left for them. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchfork also seems to be on the side of the players and refers a clear position against NFTs.


This holds Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchfork of NFTs

On Twitter, Pitchfork has been weathering for some time in different threads against the louder trend: During free-to-play debates, I argued that the relationship after which we should be striving by entertaining, and her spectators Should not be those from a tobacco company and the addict. The NFT stuff is just that, but still with a Ponzi system on top. What to hell, people?

When asked what NFTs with a Ponzi system (a very well-known fraud mesh, named after Charles Ponzi and similar to the snowball or pyramid system), explained To Pitchford the parallels he observed between the two phenomena:

The commercialization of FOMO [the fear of missing something], the promise of fast, simple and oversized profits, uncontrolled fraud from the providers, value for the owner consists only if he finds a larger fish (rather pyramids – as a Ponzi System, but in the same fraud family) and so on…

Due to Pitchfork’s clear position against NFTs , fans of the Gearbox games may at least hope that they are spared from the current trend. Although Pitchfork has issued its items as President for the Game Development Department at the end of last year, but it is still the managing director of the mother company Gearbox Entertainment and now responsible for films and series.

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