Interview with Randy Mosiondz and Elliot Minner: the playful issues of Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale

Each quarter or almost, Never winter completes its content with a new content module that continues its narrative frame and fumbles its play mechanics. On January 12 (and waiting for a launch on consoles early February), the Dragon bone module Vale was deployed on the PC servers of the action MMO with its lot of novelties: an unprecedented mountain adventure area to explore, new interactions with the factions of the place, a grapple system for renewing the mechanics of exploration of The area, in addition to new narrators articulated around the dragon worship and Niche MALINDA Shadow mantle .
To better understand the contents of this 22nd Never winter module, we sent a few questions to Randy Motion ( lead designer de never winter) and Elliot Inner ( constant designer ). In particular, they come back to the relations between the developer Cryptic Studios and Wizards of the Coast who holds the Dungeon and Dragons license, on the immediate future of Never winter or the consequences of the recent redemption of Cryptic by Embrace Group .

Gasoline: Can you tell us more about your way of working with official resources of Dungeons & Dragons? How do you take your decisions? For example, you prepare the Dragon bone Vale extension (which speaks of dragons) at the same time when Wizards of the Coast is released Fijian’s treasury of dragons. I imagine it’s not a coincidence. And how do you combine the elements of official manuals with the history and content of your game?

Randy Motion : We work closely with Wizards of the Coast; We have meetings with them every week. This gives us a step ahead of the products they develop, and allows us to synchronize our outings when it seems appropriate. We focus on the aspects of JDR that can be transposed into a gameplay of action, and that’s what serves as a basis. All the elements of stories that we integrate in Never winter are also approved by ROTC , to ensure that the narrative frame and themes are respected.

Job: In Dragon bone Vale, the players will face the Niche Malinda Shadow mantle, which we have already seen in the very first scenarios of Never winter. Why did you decide to bring it back? Can you explain the narrative arc of this update?

Randy Motion : Malinda is one of our main antagonists on Never winter. His malefic influence has long places on the coast of the swords, whether it is on his own or under the orders of Sass Tam. At the exit of Never winter, it was she who invoked an army of lives – including a Dracoliche! – To attack the city. Over the history of the game, it has returned to different extensions, including Shadow mantle where it occupied the main role, and even Lost City of OSU in which it made a brief appearance, spying on the activities of CearĂ¡. It has been a long time since we used it, and it is logical that it is at the head of the Thane faction working alongside the dragon worship.

Job: It seems that Dragon bone Vale introduces factions with which the player will have to interact in his fight against the worship of the dragon. Can you tell us more about them and explain their role in the gameplay?

Elliot Inner : The factions of the val de the Dragon OS will not surprise those who know the history of Dungeons & Dragons. The Minstrels, the Alliance of Lords , the order of the Gannet and the Emerald Enclave have joined forces in a coalition baptized by the North Shield. The Minstrels work under the supervision of Minster Durum, the Sage of Calories, in order to follow the movement of the dragon worship in the mountains of the sword. The Lords Alliance provides provisions and defenses to establish a base camp in the valley of the Dragon OS. The emerald enclave and the order of the Vantage lead the survey in parallel on the corruption caused by the dark ritual of the worship at the top of the mountain.

In terms of game mechanics, you will choose the faction to which you want to lend allegiance at the beginning of the campaign, and all your activities in the adventure zone will give you reputation with it. As you climb the ladder, you will unlock exclusive rewards to the faction: first of the objects of appear and at higher level, all new pieces of companion equipment. Finally, your faction will allow you to use its travel stations, once unlocked, to help you cross the immense adventure z1.

Job: Several new mountain areas will be available in this update. Can you describe them? What can players find there?

Elliot Inner : In this extension, we wanted to explore the mountains of the sword, and more particularly the last rear of the dragon worship: the valley of the Dragon OS. The players will start their trip to the war camp at the Free du Val, and from there, they will be able to penetrate the green forests of the sharpener, descend to the lake and the dwarf ruins of calm-les-waters, or Make MORTEVOUIVER, where the Hayes are busy exhume ring dragon bones for some black design. In the heart of the mountains is the auto-scale top, a peak plunged into the darkness of a magical vortex sinister.


Job: In parallel with these new areas, Dragon bone Vale introduces a new mechanism: the grapple. Explain to us this decision and its operation. Is it a new approach to exploration, or a desire to add a platform game aspect to Never winter? How do you intend to integrate more content on the grapple in the future?

Elliot Inner : We wanted to create new methods of exploration and travel, to design cards with more verticality. In the valley of the Dragon OS, you will receive a special grapple allowing to interact with the anchor points disseminated through the adventure area. Use it to hang there, and your character will hoist up to this place! This allowed us to add all kinds of secret areas, hidden monsters and elements of history to find out more about Z1. This verticality also creates fabulous panoramas and visually expands space. For the moment, the platform aspect is not very pronounced, but we offer a lot of freedom to players with the grapple. For example, I recommend trying to use it in full flight, because it works! As for the coming content, it depends entirely on our goal at that time. But as we find the rather successful grapple mechanics, it would not surprise me that we reuse it in the future.

Job: About the future of Never winter… You have already mentioned a new epic adventure (the Metal of Pesticides) that will be released on 8 February 2022 on PC and will conclude the plot of Dragon bone Vale. Can you give us a clue on what will follow?

Randy Motion : Our dragons have received enhancements, so you can expect more content putting our work in value very soon!

Job: To conclude, we have recently learned that Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have been acquired by hugging Group. What will this mean for you at Cryptic and for players? Embrace seems to have several new projects (new games) in preparation. Can you tell us more?

We are delighted to join the Family Embrace. It is a little early to know what the future will be done, but at Cryptic Studios, we will continue to do what we do best: entertaining online games to bring to our players the best possible experience.

Thanks for reading !


Launch Trailer of the Dragon bone Vale de Neverwinter module

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