Test de This is the President

against the Establishment; For the 28th amendment

The 2020 elections are completed, the party is in full swing with the announcement of the results that open a new era for the United States of America: you are the new president elected, and it is the beginning of four beautiful years alongside Your wife Ellie at the head of the White House at the service of the American people. Your victory speech is an opportunity to make the first promises for your first term and to establish the direction of your presidency, supported by the Kenny Tony Estate in a role as vice-president with an enthusiasm that has equal as the worship towards you. Four years to change the America in depth; Four years to make it better; But above all four years for… To vote and adopt an amendment protecting a president of any prosecution and guaranteeing total immunity. The first lady reminds you from the exit of your first speech before the nation your common goal and the main steps in the medium and long term to achieve your ends: it will win the heart of the American people up to the highest in Surveys to be able to vote this 28th amendment via representatives of each state.

Of course, it’s easier said than doing: political opponents are numerous, including in your own camp; Beyond the public appearance it will be necessary to make backstage, brush, threatening, or even go further to silence personalities that know a little too much on your past and your account. Do you have the shoulders to endorse the heavy coat of the presidency?

Me, President

It would be complicated to deal with current affairs, so you have to search for a dream team to be well surrounded and occupy the vacancies of its administration. Lawyers, journalists, representatives of the media, influencers, hackers or large arms will garnish the ranks of your team and will be very strongly useful for manipulating the opinion legally or less legal: the lawyers will be on the front line to write Very valuable decrees guaranteeing big gains in surveys provided that they are funded (strongly) their lobbying. The central point is to manage your dark fund under cover of a puppet foundation to pay for your subordinates and finance your occult activities: it is regularly necessary to seek sources of financing, accepting pots-de-wines or by sending employees Fill out missions from generous donors – national or international…

The red thread of the mandate remains to win this precious public opinion to vote the 28th amendment, and many events take place (one per month on average) to mark important stages: dealings with members of your party, manipulations to place Men of confidence in key state, meet with international dignitaries… Attention, however, to your decisions, because they have very often consequences on the continuation of the mandate: betray a partner leads to retaliation and special events (especially at International level), while collaborating with the same partner totally changes the outcome to lead to other events in your favor (for example, financial contributions or missions of employees for example). Four years, it sounds short, but in reality it’s very long!

We will clean the adversity in Archer

Between two events so we must also occupy his team, but also provide daily affairs by making quick decisions on insignificant subjects in gossip (decorating the White House in Halloween, allow the VP to sniff a line of coke in the Oval desktop, Banish the use of scooters…), with inevitable consequences on polls there again. Everything is about popularity and the challenge of climbing 90% approval is not a part of pleasure when simply strengthening airport controls approaching Thanksgiving to stop terrorism makes you lose valuable points.

More generally, the game is organized as a strategy game in tricks; The decisions to be taken to develop your power are supervised months after month and the missions and objectives remain only available for a limited number of tours. Each member of your team has five points of action that can be used to complete secondary missions or to intervene in more direct missions by providing their personal expertise in their field. For example, to prevent a competitor from participating in an election, a big arm can threaten it directly or to break into him to intimidate him by devising his home; A thief can subtilize evidence in the same apartment; A hacker takes care of searching his computer for valuable data; a lawyer the threat of prosecution openly or not; A media specialist launches a defamatory campaign or spread rumors on his account… many possibilities, but however few of them guarantee a good result.

It is necessary to calculate in advance the organization of the team, which itself can put you sticks in the wheels indirectly: too much to overcome your troops grid their strengths, and they will not be able to act before being rested. Regularly, they also ask for increases of wages that can go reasonable to completely fanciful, at the risk of having to let them go by slamming the door – and they will not come back. Conflicts between them may even occur if you send them on group missions, and they will no longer be able to work together on missions before having solicited a company specialized in conflict medications; At worst, they can even demand the dismissal of their colleague for lack of what themselves will leave… Leading a team is clearly not testable, and it is necessary to spare susceptibilities and often play equilibrium.

My test is late? You are Fake News!

Out of discretion in early December on the good digital crêperies at the same time as the mastodons Halo Infinite and Final Fantasy 7 remake intergrade as a lot of his small comrades indeed, This is the president is a fair game Washing with neat graphics, small kinematics in the form of a succession of fairly correct fixed images and sometimes surprising music, but not too ubiquitous. The concept of the game is well damn, the different swingers quite malicious even if the red thread remains strict: the main objective is always the same, and we must not expect to have several purposes (except an Over Game). For the form, it is also possible to unlock ancillary missions / objectives used to recover old goods bringing a significant financial manna for your old days at the end of your term. Nor should we expect to go too deep into the American political system: we are not in House of Cards, and we only work the surface of the political complexities of Uncle Sam.

To be able to test different solutions, you will need a good pack of hours; Sometimes it is so frustrating to miss a goal that must be started again, or even many months, to change a more upstream decision (I tell you right away: pay attention to your finances, especially at the approach Christmas where all your team is eligible for a very consistent bonus!). On my side, I finished the game in about thirty hours trying and trying for many times some missions to have the best possible result, but it must be possible to significantly reduce, up to about twenty of hours of play, with good decisions.

The humor of the title is well dosed, between the voices of this vice president and the relations with certain diplomats, delicate missions and daily objectives suggesting that the developers have regularly watered the progress of the game. However, Anglophobe’s s Abstaining, the game is only available in this language and in Russian. Ultimately, the game has a rather well-thought balance even though it is not free of bugs (kinematics not launching, black screens, missions that do not end, events in buckles…) and the system play can be quite rebar. On my side, I had a good time, but I was nevertheless relieved that the game is not longer than it is: it must be taken for what it is, without major pretension but a good hobby.

Test made on PC by Barrel Wild from a version provided by the publisher.

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