As you will know, next year the exclusivity contract between EA and Lucas films will end. This means that more companies will have the opportunity to make Star Wars games. Currently, we already have a look at this future, with projects by Ubisoft and Quantico Dream. However, this does not mean that EA will leave this galaxy, quite the opposite. In this way, have been announced three new Star Wars projects by Respawn.

Through a statement, EA has confirmed that three-Star Wars projects by Respawn Entertainment, responsible for titan fall and Apex Legends, are already under development. The first of these is the sequel to the acclaim STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER . Although at the moment there is not much information about this title, reports have indicated that a complete revelation would take to Cape in the summer of this year, followed by a launch at some point of 2023.

Along with this, Peter Hirschman, Game Director at Respawn, will be in charge of the first FPS of Star Wars developed by this study . Finally, a strategy game based on this very, very distant galaxy, is already under development. This project will be developed by Bit Reactor, directed by Greg Fourth, Veteran of the Industry, while Respawn will be the producers.

This was what he said Douglas Reilly, vice president of Lucasfilm Games , about it:

We are excited to continue working with the developers of great talent in Respawn. They have shown excellence by telling epic stories of Star Wars along with the best gameplay of their class in different genres, and we hope to bring more incredible experiences to the very, very distant galaxy
For its part, Vince Capella, Director and Founder of Respawn , is excited about the future of this relationship:

We are great Star Wars fanatics here at Respawn, and we are happy to work with Lucasfilm Games in new titles that we wanted to do for years. If you want to make great STAR WARS games, you should join us on our trip.

Without a doubt, great news for Star Wars fans. Although titles like battlefront I and II were controversial, Jedi: Fallen Order was a success, and The study has proven to have great potential in the past . We just hope that we do not have to wait long to have more information about these projects.


On related topics, there is already a launch date for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker SAGA. Similarly, here you can learn more about the alleged revelation of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Editor’s note:

While Respawn has proven to have a great talent, it is a bit worrying that these three new EA titles are only in charge of this study. Do not forget that this study is still working in Apex Legends, as well as other projects that are not public knowledge. Hopefully this does not result in investigations on the culture of the Crunch in Respawn.

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