Pokemon Arceus legends still had things to say

In case the information would have escaped you, Legends Pokémon: Areas officially comes out this Friday, on January 28, which explains the avalanche of content around the spin-off Game Freak. It was thought that everything had been said or almost, but the last two videos in date make it possible to appreciate the respective silhouettes that the starters evolving, to better stick to the Regional Pokédex of His.

Station at spoilers, so, if you do not want to see the small style changes that will accompany Brindibou, Ericeira and Bouillon over the adventure, even if we are still at the stage of the teasing.

The Pokémon Company also benefits from reminding some of the connection bonuses that it will be possible to unlock by having previous game backups on its switch. Glitter / glittering Diamond Pokémon Owners will be able to showcase in the Galaxy Team uniforms with a chance to capture Dark, while it will be possible to approach Shay min and wearing a tunic with the colors of the fabulous Pokemon with Data from Pokémon Sword / Shield. Finally, nothing prevents pushing the backups of Let’s Go, Pikachu / Let’s Go, avoid to point with respective masks of each creature.

Remember that the traditional pre-order bonus now are still part, in the form of 30 mass balls to download by to May 16, 2022, for those who will pass through the dematerialized box, and specific outfits like the casinos set (form of His) and the masque maudirenard. The Micromania sign has it obtained the French exclusivity of a figurine with effigy of Areas.

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