MMORE 03/2022: So many approaches for the rescue of WOW

The MMORE 169 AKA PC Games MMORE 03/2022 is, even if not in March, on the way to the completed perfect status, we only need a few more days, so that you then drop from 16 February 2022 at the magazine trader of your trust can. Subscribers, their faithful souls, the new issue of our MMO magazine can be plundered from your mailbox, of course.

mmore 03/2022

We actually deal with two major topics in the new edition of MMORE. On the one hand, we have explained 24 pages animal set bonuses for each class and every specialization, and we prepare you with our Raidguides on the first eight bosses of the new WOW battles mausoleum of the first before . And on the other hand, we devote ourselves in detail to the Microsoft Acquisement of Activision Blizzard, and equal several times the question: What does Wow need to get really cool again? We also promised answers. Question is only which the developers take to hearts…

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Our news from the editors: What the hell has happened?!

Why Blizzard Are NOT Banning Bots in World of Warcraft

The first month of 2022 will probably be taken as one of the most moving to WOW history – not only in reality, but also in Azeroth. It really has done a lot within a few days. Things we have previously assumed that they are incremental and irretrievably anchored in the gaming industry and in the fantasy world of Warcraft, were simply dematerialized with a PLPP. Maybe it was also a puff or a plönk. We actually thought that in January 2022, we will not beat much of the socks after the Mega-Deal was announced, the Microsoft plans. Nearly $ 70 billion is to be placed on the table so that Activision, Blizzard and King will continue to drive under MS flag in the future. Whether the deal goes through, that is not fixed yet, but the share price has already had a positive impact after the valley of tears (caused by the DFEH application). Some one has the feeling that this deal should be distracted by the corporate cultural problems of Activision Blizzard. Many others believes that the Microsoft takeover monopolizes the gaming market. And others just have the hope that the MS acquisition will have a positive impact on the Blizzard brands. Incidentally, we highlight the topic in detail from page 54.

But the month was not over yet!

And then, just before we finished our booklet and have sent the associated, very carefully described paper napkins (J / K) to our printing house, an info bomb burst an Info bomb after the other. These shook the game industry and the world, which our heroes mostly mention their homeland since 17 years. Curiously every time Karsten has grade around K2, so the Knallnernws rushed in. A ban on boosting communities in wow . Sony Interactive buys Destiny-2-Studio Bungie . And then: In Patch 9.2.5 For WOW, the faction boundaries are removed at least in instantiated content such as RAIDs and dungeons. WTF has happened this evening?! Explains us, send us an email to [email protected] or [email protected]!

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