Dying Light 2 is allowed to see in consoles from previous generation

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Old Gen Console Gameplay
Techland has published a video on which images of their expected Dying Light 2 are shown on consoles of previous generation. You can see it up here.

In the video, several fragments of gameplay are displayed in the previous PlayStation and Xbox, both basic versions and pro and X. Ends the thing with a courtless parkour race, first in PlayStation 4 and then on Xbox One.

In all cases the game seems to behave quite well; I imagine it will be easy to get the colors when we put it next to the versions for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, but if Techland’s idea was to make it clear that they do not have another case like that of their CD Projekt compatriots, mission accomplished. Failure to see, of course, how is the thing going beyond these selected clips; There are calm moments but also others in which you see a lot of movement on screen, and in both cases, yes, the game moves well.

Lack little to play this: Sale (except in Switch) on February 4, this Friday Friday. It is expected that the reviews begin to be published tomorrow afternoon, in case you want to have an eye on to see how the thing comes out.

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