FC Bayern: Rummenigge: Then Nübel makes no sense anymore

Actually, Alexander Nübel is still borrowed from FC Bayern to As Monaco for the next one and a half years. But most recently rumors made the lap, the keeper could return to Munich earlier. Now his advisor and the former Bavaria Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge have come to a problem for a problem and are even an opinion.

How is Alexander Nubel continue? The former Schalke-Keeper, who switched to FC Bayern in mid-2020 and had not passed at Place Hirsch Manuel new, should actually recommend a lending in Monaco for a future punch in the gate of the German record champion.

In a wiser anticipation, the Munich had equipped the 25-year-old with a long-term contract until 2025. In this way, a new attempt to the season 2023/2024 after his return from Ligue 1 would be possible. Thus his advisor Plant Stefan Backs continues.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FC Bayern Munich: The main challenges facing European football
“I assume that he also plays in Monaco next season and then deciding a decision on his future at FC Bayern at the beginning of 2023,” said Nübel’s Agent opposite the “Abendzeitung”.

Nübel’s problem: So far, Manuel new does not do any institutions to clean the place between the posts. On the contrary: Apparently, the Nationalkeeper with the responsible persons even negotiate an extension beyond 2023. Should new, the end of March 36, is actually extending in Munich, this is likely to mean that for Nübel, who does not want to resign to the second row.

Rummenigge: When new renewed, then…

This also confirmed backs. “For Alex, of course, it does not make sense if he sits behind new on the bank,” emphasized the consultant and got in parallel support from the former CEO of FC Bayern Karl-Heinz Rummmenigge.

This explained to “Sky” if the same relieves: If Manuel renews new, the game makes no sense for Alexander Nubel anymore. “

Whether in this case a premature termination of the lean (and a farewell from Munich) is conceivable, as she brought the “kicker” into the game is open. Because according to “evening newspaper” this would only be possible if new long term would fail due to a violation.

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If Nübel has no chance in the German record champion in the event of a new extension, he would probably have to annoy until Summer 2023 at AS Monaco. After all: There he is so far a Stemkeeper and increased last noticeable.

According to information of the “Abendzeitung” Tottenham Hotspur has recently felt at Nübel and inquires if interested. Concrete conversations should not have existed. Until now.

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