Handball EM: Norway beats Iceland after extension

For the kick-off of the packed final weekend, it came to the duel of the disappointed, both Norway and Iceland had just just missed the jump into the semifinals. Especially the Norwegians wanted after the completely unnecessary defeat against Sweden – the Vice World Champion was due to the break with five goals – repelance.

For a break, Sander Sagosen & Co. already led with four goals, but after the side change, once again the concentration had once again. In the 49th minute, Iceland had again chosen the Bear-strong Magdeburger left-handed Omar Ingi Magnusson, with ten goals later to the “player of the game”.

Sagosens failed analysis without consequences

Sweden vs Norway | Highlights | Men's EHF EURO 2022
Especially the last minute of the game was in itself: because Iceland did not take his last attack, Norway got the ball again the ball. Coach Christian Mountains took a break, but the analysis of Sagosen to the circle in seven-against-six failed. Islands Elvar Jonsson saw the empty gate and fired on his own circle. But the ball got a lot of swirl and turned on the left past the goal. Renewal.

In this, both teams did not bother, it remained a fast, intense duel. 30:30 State after the first five minutes of extension, just as closely it was after the break. In the last second fractions, Kiels left-handed Harald Reinkind took a heart and met with a little luck to the decisive 34:33 in the left corner. According to the video images, the Spanish impartial Andreu Marin and Ignacio Garcia Serradilla gave the hit because the ball had passed the line before expiration.

Norway qualified directly for the World Cup 2023

For Norway Stagen Sagosen (8 goals / 11 experiments) and Reinkind (6/10) out, for Iceland Magnusson and Göppingen’s Janus Dadi Smarason (8/12) made most of the gates. The goalkeeper duel was just at Iceland’s Keeper Viktor Hallgrimsson (9 parades, 26 percent fang quota).

Norway has secured the direct ticket for the World Cup 2023 in Sweden and Poland through the fifth place. They are like World Champion Denmark, Olympic Champion France, European Champion Spain and the two organizers safely in the coming year. The other European starting places will be awarded in play-off games. The pairings will be drawn on Saturday in Budapest.

Island – Norway 33:34 N.V. (12:16, 27:27)

Iceland: Björgvinsson, Hallgrimsson – Magnusson 10/2, Smarason 8, Jonsson 6, Elisson 5/2, Gudjonsson 2, Gislason 1, Gudmundsson 1
Norway: Homen, Saoveraas – Sagosen 8/2, Reinkind 6, O’Sullivan 5, Solstad 5, Gulliksen 3, Barthold 2, Thorstezen Toft 2, Björnsen 1, Langaas 1, Tönnesen 1
Referee: Andreu Marin (Spain) / Ignacio Garcia Serradilla (Spain)
Viewers: 7165
Criminal minutes: 8/10
Disqualification: \ – / BARTHOLD (43.)

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