Pokemon of “Pokemon Legends Alceus” is scary. Founding cabgon and human beings, etc.

“Pokémon Legends Alceus (Pokemon Legends Alceus)”, a large number of users talks about “the fear of Pokemon”. Also, Pokémon in this work will hit the player boldly as a wild creature.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus (hereinafter referred to as Alceus)” is the latest work of the “Pokemon” series that has reached the released on January 28 this year. The stage is the Shin-Ou region, which was still called the Jade region. This work is drawn by 3D, and the action is high compared to the previous series works. The player rises in the field of high degree of freedom, and Pokémon is also wondering in the figure with the habitat. In addition to throwing the ball directly to capture Pokemon, the stormy pokemon of the temperate is attacked by the player’s own player itself. The presence and reality of “actually Pokemon are in front of you” are one of the attractions of this work.

On the other hand, many of the users who played this work have emitted threats felt Pokemon on each SNS or forum. There will be many people who feel pretty scary in this work. Attacked Pokemon will not be connected to the danger of life, and so on, Pokemon with high combat capacity as a creature is also scattered.

However, the player does not actually die in Pokemon’s attack. When you eat too much damage, the “front of the eye is dark” and it will be a base camp feed after the item is dropped. Therefore, as the type of fear, it is an impression that faced the threat of nature and wild fear rather than horror. In addition, in this work, the idea of ​​”Pokemon is horrible” has penetrant. The characters are basically recognizing Pokemon as unknown organisms, and put them into words and make their threats. Such a world view setting also spurs to the “Pokemon scary” image. And Pokemon scared from the user seems to be quite a wide variety.

For example, a considerable number of users in Japan and a considerable number of users are scared of “Alceus”. Although the reason is various, it seems that there is also an impact on the “Pokemon who was an obvious impression in the previous series, suddenly the fang” gap. The corner of such Pokemon is a Palas, which is Koiko Pokemon. Pallas is not only in Japan but also on overseas bulletin boards Reddit, as well as “scary” or “disturbing” Pokemon. The bulletin board is a situation where threads and comments that are well entangled to the Pallas are scattered.

On the system that “Pokemon attacks the player directly”, Pokemon, who has been through the Pokemon Battle, has a lot of players who are shocked to attack with struggle depression. Therefore, it seems that there is a player who suddenly attacked Palas in this work and can not hide the surprise. And Palas will be involved in each area from the beginning to the second half, so it will be quite frequent. And in the early post map, it is a migraine individual of evolutionary parasecto, with a flock and surrounding a variety of players. Pallas and parasect have a setting that nutrients are sucked and manipulated with mushrooms parasitic on the back. If such organisms have killed humans, it seems to be able to handle “Pokemon” or not.

Besides, there will be a reason that “simply Pokemon’s combat ability is scary”. As an example, Baragi, which is a Pokemon appearing in this work, has a shape that both arms are likely to reappear as they are. There is also a scene that brings a thick tree in the work, and is no longer “Pokemon”. There is also a Pokemon that simply overwhelm player with a physical difference that surpasses humans. It is a cabgon who is Pokemon. On Twitter, the player who encountered Kabgon of the Oyabun individual has posted its fear with videos. Speaking of Cabgon, Pokemon that is a mildness that is sleepy or sleeping. However, Cabgon contained in videos is an earbun individual, but it is shining at a time and red. I do not do it. It is completely a hunter’s eye. It can be said that the “gap is scary”.

Also, Pokémon is also the use of techniques beyond humanities. In the past work, it was Pokémon who challenged the battle to exchange skills. However, in this work, Pokemon’s dangerous technique takes off to Pokemon Trainer. As an example, a corotock of Korogi Pokemon encountered from a relatively early stage will be released. The Taru Energy Beam, which transcends physical violence, attacks the trainer itself. While the villagers are not impossible, it is only interested in the population of Gingaga.

In addition to the domestic Twitter, there is also a “scary” opinion on Pokemon such as gallops, ling machines and kiriki. If you think well, it is a reality, respectively, “Burning horse” “huge bear” “Huge bear” “A great man with four muscle wrinkles”. It is natural to be scared just by approximating, and the same for other Pokemon. However, even though such Pokemon’s threat is real, it will be the attraction of this work. Tension due to such threats brings searched sharpes. Also, the more horrific individuals, the joy of being captured.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is on sale for Nintendo Switch. If you want to feel realistic Pokemon threats and attractiveness, please try it by all means.

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