After Gladbach resignation of Max Eberl: Andreas Ratig calls for rethinking

The former managing director of the German Football League, Andreas Ratig, after the resignation of Gladbach’s Manager Max Eberl demanded a rethinking in society.

“In my eyes, the employers are obliged to send their workers into the forced holidays. There must be a rethink that vacations or spaces are not seen as weakness. Then it says then: He does not burn anymore, is lazy is just responsible, “said the chairman of the management of the third division Viktoria Cologne.

He has “respect for this step” of Eberl, so the experienced former Bundesliga manager: “The football is glasses, everyone speaks, has his opinion. There is a permanent mental stress, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Monday to Friday a manager is required in the office, Saturday / Sunday is game operation, then the new week starts again. “

Ratig looks a change of consciousness. “On the one hand, a rejuvenation process takes place in the manager area,” said the 58-year-old, “Rudi Völler, Michael Zorc will soon end up her jobs. This is also a result of the burdens. The older one, the less you are ready, to endure this pressure. “

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In addition, the times “the one-man show in the manager area” are over as with Uli Hoeneß, Reiner Calmund or Rudi Assauer. “The responsibility will be distributed in many clubs in several decision-makers. The players have the so-called load control, in which area we have to rethink the area,” said the Viktoria managing director.

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