FF14, ahead of the dark after the black,

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Basically, White Mage [FFXIV]

Q. Then ask the finishing person.

I hope that many people are tired by Corona pan demam, and we hope that we have a small pleasure for many adventurers who have been prepared by our sincerity. 6.0 There is a time for about three months to the update, which is still being prepared for a while, so it would be not possible to greet them through the 7th anniversary broadcasting. Please note that your health care, please come to a lot of expectations and interests, and I would like to ask you to play.

In addition, I accept a lot of blame that I do the global version. But this is my job. I need to play first and I need to know well. Of course, there is also a thing to enjoy as a game, but there is something to know as work. Yoshida PD always ask every time you meet. ‘I woke up in the fourth floor.’ I’ve been doing this time. ‘So I can not do it. This is one of the people who need to know the most as many as the Korean version of the Operation Producer. So I would like to cheer it because I’m working hard.

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