The creator of Sonic The Hedgehog had “feelings found” about the character in systems that are not from Sega

On February 11 was the 20th anniversary of Anventure Sonica 2 battle for Nintendo Gamecube. Next to the portable game evance sonic, these titles marked the first time the blue blur on systems that are not sega appeared. The movement occurred after the departure of Sega of the console market, after the commercial failure of Dreamcast. In the 20 years since then, Sonic has appeared many times in Nintendo systems, as well as on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Undoubtedly, the movement presented the character to a much larger audience, but the creator of Sonic, Yuji Naka, revealed in a tweet this weekend that he cost a little to see the character in other consoles.

«He had feelings found about the execution of Sonic in hardware that was not from Sega, both sad and happy. It’s been 20 years old ». Naka wrote on Twitter.

SegaSonic the Hedgehog 3 player arcade game 60fps
Naka did not give more details about the publication, but it is not difficult to imagine why he could have had found feelings. After all, many fans of Sega were sad to see that the company stopped manufacturing hardware. Sonic provided Sega a character that he could rival Mario and helped sell the Genesis hardware. Before the launch of sonic the hedgehog, many felt that Sega was condemned to failure in the videogame industry, but the company struggled hard and built a passionate fanatics. Unfortunately, the bad commercial decisions in the SEGA SATURN era made the company competed with Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation. Those struggles continued until the Dreamcast era, which forced Sega to stop focusing on making their own consoles.

20 years later, fanatics have embraced the character’s adventures on multiple game platforms. Sonic’s multiconsola opened the door so that the character appeared in videogames like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which probably helped to grow the popularity of the character. In 2022, Sonic could be larger than ever, starring the next game frontees sonic as well as the premiere in cinemas of sonic the hedgehog 2. The trip may have been difficult for Naka and Sonic, but it seems that things went well!

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