Fans work on a resident evil gaiden remake

While we wait for the rumored Remake of Resident Evil 4 , a group of fans is already working on another remake of resident evil gaiden , a little-known game of this series that debuted exclusively for the Game Boy Color Out there of 2001. Said Remake not only improves the graphic section, but also adds new Gameplay mechanics that were previously not possible due to the limitations of the portable console.

The project in question is named Project Starlight and it is a remake in 3D for Resident Evil Gaiden that makes it a much more traditional experience of the franchise, very in the style of The first original games.

Resident Evil Gaiden - REMAKE OST | Epic Arrangement by Rod Herold (2014 Recording)
Due to the limitations of Game Boy Color, Resident Evil Gaiden had to make several changes to the traditional formula of the series. For example, the large part of the time Gaiden was played from a perspective TOP-DOWN, while the meetings with Zombies changed to a first-person camera with certain rhythmic elements.

Editor’s note: Personally I never had an opportunity to play Gaiden, but it is amazing the passion that the community feels for the Saga de Resident Evil. Capcom should certainly appreciate the fans of the series, and I hope that future deliveries of the saga do not lose their personality.

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