RPG Maker “RPG Maker Unite” announced. New Axis Maximum Operation Made on Unity

GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES announced on February 15th game production tool “ RPG Maker Unite “. Release timing is within 2022. It will be sold by Steam / Unity Asset Store for Windows and MacOS. Also, according to the announcement, the official Twitter account of this work and the STeam store page are released.

“RPG Maker Unite” is the latest “RPG Maker” series that operates on Unity. The Maker series is a game production software that works in stand-alone, which has been developed since 1990.

As the origin of the series, the game construction tool “RPG Construction Tool Dante” is released for MSX2 in 1990. As “RPG Tukour”, “RPG Tukol Dante98” appeared in 1992 for PC-98. Since then, a series has been developed for PC and household game consoles, such as “RPG Tukool 2000”, “RPG Cool MV”, “RPG Cool MV TRINITY”. It can be said that the game can be made as a stand-alone app, including the latest work “RPG Cool MZ” for PCs released in 2020, and the game can be created without programming knowledge.

This work “RPG Maker Unite” corresponds to the native output to the mobile app by operating on the game engine Unity. Since “RPG MV” for PC, gameplay on smartphone via browser, but in this work, it seems that you can play more players more easily.

Also, as a new function, the map editor evolves. In addition to the conventional style to combine tiles, map production of objects are also made by placing objects on large backgrounds. In addition, in this work, it is possible to produce game without coding without changing it with the conventional series. A general-purpose database, such as item / magic / skill / character, is registered as preset data. Various events can be expressed by customizing preset data or combining preset commands and variables.

In addition, announcements about this series are also held. So far, the series has been developed as “RPG Cool” and “RPG Maker” in Japan. However, in the future, we will change the domestic name to aim for a globally loved title in view of the world-wide development. It is not a “maker”, but the name of the “Maker” series, which is the name of the overseas version, is likely to be integrated.

Game production tool for PC “RPG Maker Unite” will be released from Steam and Unity Asset Store within 2022. Supported OSs are Windows and Macos. The desired retail price is undecided. In commemoration of the “RPG Maker Unite” announcement, STEAM is being conducted in STEAM for each Maker series product. Sale period is until 3:00 on February 22. During the period, “RPG Zukour MZ” is also implemented.

RPG Maker Unite

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