Dying Light 2: Where to find resin

Dying Light 2 gives you the freedom to explore Villedor at will, but on the condition that you are careful and the right steps companies to survive encounters and the harsh environment. One of the usual components that you need to produce the tools for survival is nothing but resin , which is very useful in view of its status as natural fuel for torches and fire. What is more surviving than the ability to make fire? Read more for our guide Where do I find resin in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2: Where to find resin

Resin can often be found on HAINE on the roof in the perhaps mostly marked containers of all, white jugs on taps are manipulated at trees marked with the word “resin”. You will often see you next to bees, birdhouses, chamomile stains, UV shroomy and more. In addition to these hairs, which you should check regularly during your travels, as these inventories are replenished. You may also discover Resin if you carry out nocturnal raids in prey sources and attack interiors in places such as wardrobes, bags or baskets. Of course, this latter method is worthwhile for the rarer drops you will find, but it is an indisputable advantage.

Resin is useful for multiple tools such as the UV bar, but is commonly used to produce multiple different weapon modifications that are usually focused on inflowing Fire Damage. This is useful in view of the natural flammability of the substance, and although the drops may be less abundant than chamomile or honey, they will use a pretty much in the production of mods or firearms (requires, for example, 9 resin). As with most craft components in this game, take as much as you can find, and it is helpful that in the case of resin, the containers are either marked on trees or in bottles.

This completes our guide Where can I find resin in Dying Light 2? If you want to survive in the harsh postalapalyptic city Villedor, definitely read our many guides and look for even more on the way This huge game.

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