Atlas, “Seoul Hackers” Countdown Site Showing the name of “Seoul Hackers”. The ban on 20:00 on 21st

Atlas has published a mysterious teaser site on February 17. It is a site that was caught with “”, and countdown has begun. It seems to be banned at 20 o’clock on February 21. There is also a Twitter account that will be Hashtag is attached to Seoul Hackers.

Speaking of Seoul hackers, it will remove the “Devil Summoner his Seoul Hackers” that Atlas was launched. It is a “true / goddess reincarnation” series work, and the second work of “Devil Summoner” series. Develop the battle and adventure through the cyber world while using the modern society. Jubenile taste and a feature that makes a virtual world characteristic work. After being released with Sega Saturn and PlayStation, in 2012, it was refined and released for Nintendo 3DS. It is likely to be announced about the same work.

Countdown Action is finished at 20:00 on February 21, but it seems that new movements are seen from 20:00 today. “Aion predicted human destruction. A sequence to avoid destruction is observant today. Observation and cooperation.” A new move at 20 o’clock today is attracting attention.

The countdown of “Seoul Hackers” is scheduled for 20:00 on February 21.

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