Baldurs Gate 3 Add Barbarians with a new update

Larian Studios has added a new class to Baldur 3. The study announced and launched a new patch for Early Access Calaboons and dragons_ game, adding the barbarian class and two new subclasses, as well as numerous improvements and new features. The Bárbaro class comes with two initial subclasses: Wildheart and Beserker. Wildheart Choose a bestial Heart that gives them different combat skills, while Berserker can enter Frenzied Rage that allows them to launch enemies or attack twice in turn.

In addition to Barbarian Class, Larian Studios also added some new combat characteristics to the game, including the addition of improvised weapons and throwing weapons. The improvised weapons are linked to a character’s strength skill score and allow players to collect and throw objects (or even enemies) during combat. Meanwhile, throwing weapons allow players to throw daggers, javelins, hand axes and spears, providing an additional layer at fighting. Other game improvements include improvements in stealth and exploration, vision in the improved darkness, new magic booty and more than 700 improved cinematic scenes.

_ Baldur 3_ Guerte is the expected next delivery of the Baldur_ Series, a series of world-based role-based games and dragons. The new game is built with the mechanics of the fifth edition, which means that the Game will contain many similarities with the board version of the game (although with some settings due to the different natures of a board game and a computer game). _ Baldur Center has been in Early Access since 2020.

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 7 Major Changes - New Class, Throw Weapons & NPCs, Updated HUD UI,

While the new patch brings a lot of improvements to Baldur 3, _ still has a long way to go before its launch. Recently, the creative director of Larian, Swen Vincke, insinuated that the game will not come out until next year. “We believe that we are in our last year of development,” said Vincke. “We still believe that we have a year of development ahead, so it is unlikely to be this year.” [2022]. But we are at the end, so now we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We have a pretty concrete plan ».

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