Silent Hill re-emerges when again in the most frustrating and unforeseen method for fans

Below we are once again, mentioning Silent Hill yet not the way we would certainly like. As well as is that, although this franchise has gained the love of all the lovers of the scary survival, it seems that Konami does not mean to proceed with brand-new games. This does not remove it proceeding to take advantage of the popularity of the saga to take merchandising that little bit has to do with the scary adventure, something we have already seen with its official Skateboard.

If you have an interest in understanding the prints that Konami plans for your skates, maintain in mind that the following February 23 The design of the very first skateboard will be released and also the reservations will open up to acquire it. Konami will follow this method to reveal the rest of the collection, which will include an overall of four tables that will be shown in the coming months.

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Of training course, it is not that the area has actually given little tracks to Konami to continue the famous legend. The very Guillermo del Toro has actually made a wink to the firm during The Video game Awards 2021 , and also the productions of the players only manage to enhance expectations for enjoying a new title of the franchise business. Nonetheless, whatever explains that Konami is making deaf ears to this and chooses to proceed with his peripety with the NFTs.

It is seen that in Konami they have real preference for this sporting activity, given that they have returned to utilize Silent Hill’s name to reveal a new Skateboard collection . As discussed in the Tuit of Official Konami Shop , the styles of each table are based upon the franchise titles and will certainly be revealed to the public considerably.

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