How to get and use Galaricas twigs in Pokemon Sword and Shields Isle of Armor

Fastest way to get Galarica Twigs! Pokemon Sword and Shield
Galarica’s twigs are important objects that have been added to the Pokémon sword and shield in the Update of the Island of Armor. You will absolutely want to get their hands on them because they are used to evolve Galarian SlowPoke in Slowbro. The game does not tell you much about them, where to get them, then in this guide, we will help you.

You can find Galarica’s branches at the foot of the trees near the dojo that you will visit on your first arrival on the island of Armor. They do not appear very regularly, so be sure to check all around the area quite often because you will need to get eight to move Galarian SlowPoke in Slowbro.

Once you gathered them, you can bring them to a NPC on a small island southwest of the island of Armor. This NPC will give you a special object in exchange, and you will then be able to evolve SlowPoke in Slowbro by giving it the object.

This is certainly one of the most interesting ways to evolve a Pokémon in the game, and it may take some time to gather the eight twigs of Galaria.

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