Dying Light 2: Climbing hook – How to turn the Nightrunner

You have seen you in videos or trailers, as Aiden pulls up in Dying Light 2 with the climbing hook to buildings or swings in airy heights about abysses, but did the Cool Nightrunner tool just not found themselves? We explain to you when and how you get it and how you can improve it.

Enterhook received in Dying Light 2

It’s about it: The climbing hook, called “Enterhaken” in the game, is not only useful in many situations, but even mandatory to achieve certain points in the city and, for example, to get to good loot.

How do I get this gripping hook? The good news: That’s easy. The bad news: You need some patience because the practical tool is tied to a story mission.

This mission is called “Broadcast” (in German: “Transfer”) and you can not miss the tool at all. The mission takes place in the second part of the game.

What can I do with it? The most important purpose is the swing over – otherwise insurmountable – abysses or, for example, around house ceilings. You need a point where you can hook the tool. The climbing hook is also useful but also to save you in the last second before a fall or quickly escape from a situation. By the way, you can not climb the rope.

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The Nightrunner tools

The climbing hook is one of six important tools that make life easier for life in Postapokalyptic Villedor and unlock them. Here you can see all the tools in the overview:

  • Binoculars
  • Paraglider
  • UV flashlight
  • Climbing hook
  • GREE detector

Dying Light 2: How To Get The Grappling Hook & Paraglider: (Dying Light 2 Gameplay) How To Unlock
Climbing hooks improve: To get the most out of the tool, you can improve it at craftsmen in Villedor. You need military technology and coins . The two improvement levels allow you more speed and a new ability that allows you to pull opponents to you.

Have you already wondered when you finally get the climbing hook?

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