Android 21 reaches Dragon Ball Fighterz this week

As we promised a few weeks ago, a new character will be arriving this week at Dragon Ball Fighterz and it is about Android 21 in its human form. This fighter takes available in the fighting game from the debut of her four years ago but in her version Majin of her, and now we can see her in human form with everything from her and her laboratory coat of her.

This new version of the character comes with the set of movements and unique combos of it, so it will not be a recycled version of the form Majin of it. Unlike the other fighters DLC, Android 21 (Lab Coat) will not be part of any seasonal pass or anything like that, so she can only be purchased from buying it individually. We still do not know exactly what your price will be, but considering that the other characters were sold at $ 4.99 Individually, it is easy to assume that the same will happen with Android 21.

Insane NEW Mechanic! Android 21 Lab Coat Showcase

Android 21 (Lab Coat) Arrives at Dragon Ball Fighterz The next February 24.

Editor’s note: I find it amazing how much ARCSYS has continued to support this game. By this heights we should have a sequel, but Dragon Ball Fighterz does things so well that it is difficult to imagine what could be added to a second part, although surely one day we will have it.

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