Bethesda gives up your own PC launcher. Games and wallets can migrate to STeam

Bethesda Is Officially Closing Their PC Launcher! & Will Migrate Everything To STEAM!
Bethesda SoftWorks announced on 23rd, Bethesda Launcher service, with 2022 years. It seems to hit the end to the own launcher that has been developed for a PC. Games and wallets can be migrated to STeam.

Bethesda Launcher is a launcher used for a specific PC title of Bethesda SoftWorks. The company’s release title, such as “Fallout 76″ and “Rage 2”, has been targeted. Near “Fallout 76”, etc., around 2018, and there are also works that the PC version can purchase with the same store. Speaking of 2018, an EPIC Games store was born, and discussion was created over the STEAM’s revenue distribution, and various companies were developing launchers for PCs.

But Bethesda SoftWorks then changed its own launcher monopoly route in the PC version. “Fallout 76”, who was also a pronoun of the same launcher, was released in Steam, and the company’s popularity such as “doom eternal” and “Deathloop” also became commonplace in STeam. Under such circumstances, Bethesda Softworks will be 2022 and will give up your own launcher.

The transition procedure to STeam starts from the beginning of April. It is possible that almost all things owned by the account, including game libraries and wallets. Since May or later, it seems that you can play games with Bethesda Launcher and access the game.

Save data often migrates automatically, but it is also necessary to move some manually. In addition, only “Wolfenstein: Youngblood” is that save data can not be migrated at this time. The balance of virtual currency, DLC, in-game skin, etc. are also taken over. Friends registered with are also integrated after STEAM migration. The account will continue to be used for the company’s title.

Bethesda Launcher, which was once extruded as a place to overshadens in-house PC. It may be surprising that it has been reduced to be used. However, it is user friendly to work with Valve and migrate data to Steam completely. If you are using the same runcher, let’s advance the transition procedure from early April.

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