Gohan would not have a new transformation in DBS: Super Hero

Since its first advances, it is clear that Gohan will finally have a greater prominence during Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , The next great film of the franchise that will come to cinemas this year. However, it seems that this warrior will not really have a new transformation, he simply resumed the power he acquired during anime’s events.

A new preview Super Hero’s official merchandise has revealed additional details about several characters, including Gohan. Apparently, Ultimate Gohan is already the most powerful transformation of this saiyajin, so in theory, we would not see some other during Super Hero.

“First we have Ultimate Gohan, whom we saw in the new advancement of the movie. What kind of enemy will be facing in this, the most powerful form of him? “

Of course, there is also the possibility that Super Hero is keeping some of the greatest surprises of him for the premiere of the tape, so we would not be surprised if in one of those gohan yes it receives a new transformation.

Gohan's Next Transformation in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero!?
Editor’s Note: No matter that Gohan is not going to have another transformation, actually this character was somewhat abandoned during the super story to see it again in action is enough for me. In addition, all the advances have shown us that this warrior will finally show what he is capable of.

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