Dragon Ball fans are happy with the return of Yamcha to anime

_ Super Dragon Ball Heroes _ It continues to fulfill all the most crazy dreams of the work created by Akira Toriyama. With a new arc already in process, fans have been happy to see that Yamcha, a character who has not received much love in recent years, is back.

Dragon Ball Super RE - The Movie (Goku Gets Replaced By Yamcha)
On this occasion, Goku and the rest of the Z warriors are participating in a martial arts tournament, and on this occasion they are facing the most powerful warriors of the multiverse. Here is where Yamcha enters the scene, since he was selected as one of the participants . When this information makes it known, many fans were thrilled with the promise to see one of the classic anime characters in action.

However, the emotion was short. The first confrontation of Yamcha was against Mecha Freezer , the robotic version that Trunks destroyed at the beginning of the android arch. Although Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not Canon, and there was the possibility that Yamcha would be able to win the combat of him on this occasion, the story has been repeated once again.

The last time we saw Yamcha in combat, was when the Moro forces invaded the earth, and the warriors had to face an army . In related topics, Piccoro stars the new advancement of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In the same way, this is the reason why the red patrol is back on this tape.

Editor’s note:

The last time Yamcha had a good time on screen, or on paper, it was during the last martial arts tournament of the original Dragon Ball, where he surprised everyone with a new technique, and he almost won his battle. Hopefully this new chapter in his life is more friendly with him.

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