The open-world game that made me noted in 2022 was all released in February (Daing Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Eldon Ring) in February. It is a variety of times, but at least last year, it is far better than the former masters who disappointed gamers. Do you think the new ones were cold in the shopping cart. From the complete new work to the congregation that makes the old memory, the newly distributed new work is ahead of the release.

Babylons Paul (March 03, 03, 2009)

The game to announce the beginning of the new work is the joint venture of Square Enix and Platinum Games, ‘Babylonz Paul’. The hero is dragged to the slave on the city ‘NeobabiLon’ in the roots of the myths, and it will be a man who became a renovated human being, and I can see the truth ‘Babylon’, which I was able to see in the Near Series, You are. Sword, bow, cane, hammer, shield, and battle ax, you can pick four weapons simultaneously, and we provide a different combat experience. In this dark world, can the hero be climbed to the top of the tower?

Gran Turismo 7 (March 04, 04/5 | Korean support)

One of the representatives of the console racing game, Gran Turistimo’s new, Gran Turismo 7, and 7th of the 4th, 9 years. Fortyhs of the Forza Horizon and Mario Carts are overwhelmingly a long period of time, but it is a long period of time, but it is said to have a volume that can cover the long period. More than anything, it is an overwhelming campaign mode, but it’s said that it is returning to a vast story that shows a history of more than 150 years of automobiles. In addition, “Gran Turismo Sophie” introduces a new racing AI agent to expand and strengthen the game experience of the player, and it seems to be a work that can not be missed if it is a fan of the series.

Triangle Stratge (March 04) │ English Support│NS)

The 4-day triangle stratge is now more precious in that it is a new SRPG genre that can only be seen in the switch camp. Graphics also focus on 2D, which leads to memories, and the background has naturally dissolved 3D effects on the background, and described the world in the beautiful game. The story that may be royal is a new system that varies for each choice, creating a variety of branches through the ‘belief’ and leads to different endings. Several meanings, Hyundai and Past are a good combination of games, and the 90-year-old SRPG fans are visible as the most notable games.

Assassin’s Creed Balla Dlc Lagranoque (March 10, 2008 │ English Support │PS4 / 5, XSX / S, PC, Stadia)

Assassin’s Creed Balhalla’s third expansion pack and Series of Lagranolok, the most ambitious expansion pack, is released on March 10th. Aboriga accepts the fate of the new god of the god of Battle and Wisdom of Wisdom, and completes the chronicles in the destruction of the upcoming gods and saved the Son. I wonder what a huge story in this flow. For this expansion pack, the updated version of 1.5.0 updated on the last 22 days is to be added to the difficulty for the story. I think I can see the new titles volume.

WWE 2K22 (March 11, “Korean Support │PS4 / 5, XBO, XSX / S, PC)

WWE 2K 22 is available for 11 days to meet the new graphical engine through a higher quality professional wrestling stars. This series cover released in two years is a small and huge champion ‘Ray Mistlerio’. In 2K showcase mode, a story mode, you can experience a chronology associated with Ray Mistlerio. For gamers who want your own story, you also have two Myrise modes, which you can choose your own wrestling star here, you can choose a journey that you want to do. I do not have a special customization feature, such as making my own suits in the process.

More three Les (March 17 │ English Support │PC)

The 25th anniversary of the real-time strategy game Setler series is the latest three-year-old and the latest version. This series is a very nice game in that it is the latest that can finally see after two postponement. The series traditional mechanisms were well received, and you can experience a variety of combat and strategies through online multiplayer mode that support up to 8 people. Of course, of course, the story campaign is also available, so you do not have to play multiplayer. The graphics developed by the snowdrop engine, which were met in the division series of Tom Clancy, are expected to provide a detailed and dynamic game, and expect to show any experience.

Dungeon and Fighter Mobile (March 24) │ English Support │Mobile)

Action Pleasure Dungeon and Fighter finds mobile. ‘There is no automatic battle’, the speech of the production team became a lot of issues. Old Dungeon and Fighter Mobile’s initial job ‘ear test, fighting, girder, wizard, precaster’ can be selected as a job, unusually emerged as a precaster (female). I have a different time line with the dungeon and fighter, and I will present a new story and experience, as I show it, as I showed it, the Arard of the timer of the timeline, I am being called.

Virbures in Stars (March 25, June 25 │ English Support│NS)

Spring Wind
The 30th anniversary of the 30th anniversary of the 30th anniversary, the Kirby Discovery is available for 25 days. I can meet with the first 3D ex-direction action game of the Virbie series. In particular, the background of this work is a world of Apocalypse, which is full of rusty old civilization and a built-in building with a recording. New Kirby’s ability with new backgrounds has also been added, and the ‘Marotten deformation’ that sucks the car and the vending machine is its main character. I have a different feature that is different from replication, which is that this ability to provide a more dynamic adventure. In addition, it is better to adapt to several new elements, such as adding ability to enhancements, and to play with old memories.

Wonderland of Tin Tina (March 25) (June 25 │ English Support │PS4 / 5, XBO, XSX / S, PC)

Borderland series Spin-off Small Tin Tina’s Wonderland can be seen on the 25th. It’s a game to play TRPG in the Borderland Worldview, “Bunker and Bad Az”. I want to say what I mean, but I think I would see the game in the game. As a fantasy style, it is said that it shows a unique system that simultaneously uses guns and orders. In this work, it is said that it supports free customization for the first time in Borderland series, and if you have to add an option called ‘slider overdrive’, you can break the limitations of the law and create a more confusing figure. I do not think it’s not bad to make a non-crafted character, which is my own ‘crazy character’, which uses this strange feature, and to jump directly to the adventure.

Ghost Wire: Tokyo (March 25 │ English Support │PS5, PC)

Tokyo is a background of Tokyo on the supernatural power, and the ‘Ghost Wire: Tokyo’ is also available on the 25th. The hero must go to the truth to combine the souls and strength of the detective ‘KK’ to survive. Of course, all the acronyms in Tokyo are not hostile, but to get them to help them first, they are scheduled to be able to help them to help them to buy trust. The landscape of the ultra-modern city and the traditional temple are stated, and the truth of the coexisting, the background of the city, and the city must be obtained from the presence of the umbrella and reveal the truth. What kind of truth will be the main character in the process?

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