Shadow Warrior 3 is a new arena shooter of fly wild boar and the enemies presenting them are a wild, colorful collection of enemies with different gimmicks where they have to come by. A special enemy that can be difficult for some players is the laser shogun , a floating, armored head wrapped by a protective mask and a cabuto and held together by demonic hands. These enemies can shake out their attacks if they do not understand how their defense mechanisms work, and they can take a shock when they move to counterattack. Continue reading for our guide How to fight laser shogun in Shadow Warrior 3!

Shadow Warrior 3: How to fight laser shogun

First of all, your regular attacks will not hurt him unless you shoot at him Yellow crystalline core which either reveals it, if it attacks you, or longer if you use a C Hello Blast (R3 On PS / XB, ‘C’ to PC) . These enemies do not need many hits to kill them, but they have to keep their vulnerabilities open, and that can be difficult if they are surrounded by other yokai. The most effective weapons for this enemy are the Riot Gun and their sword.

In addition, you can kill this immediately by running a finisher that costs 2 points and brings the Disco Grenade of the opponent nearby and harms you with time. If you finally acquire other offensive Gore weapons, you can also use this enemy!


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  • Wait until the laser shogun attacks and exposes his core. or Use a chi blast out of proximity to do the same
  • Shoot on the exposed core or hit with your sword
  • Finisher at this cost 2 points and give the disco grenade
  • Gore weapons ignore the armor of this enemy

This completes our guide How to fight the laser shogun in Shadow Warrior 3! The laser shogun may evoke through his concept of a floating head pictures of Dooms Cacodemon, but he lifts much more from a defender with rather counterappahl. There are many other enemies like these you will encounter during the game, which is published 1. March on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Be sure to look at our other instructions and enjoy it!

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