Often leaving an indiscreet ear from Electronic Arts side, Journalist Tom Henderson posted a new article on FIFA 23, because it’s like that should be named at least again the next Electronic football game Arts despite a possible contractual break that seems increasingly inevitable with the International Federation.

According to Tom Henderson, FIFA 23 will mark at least one turning on a point: Cross-Play support will allow PlayStation, Xbox and PC players to play together. The Switch, whose annual FIFA is only an update of the database since the beginnings of the console, does not share the same technological fundamentals and is therefore not affected by this grouping.

On the other hand, always according to Tom Henderson’s information, FIFA 23 will include the male World Cup (which takes place exceptionally this fall in Qatar) but also feminine, which will take place from July 20 to August 20, 2023 in Australia and In New Zealand. The place given to women’s football would not be limited to the Women’s Mondial and also see the addition of a larger number of championships and teams.


For the rest, Electronic Arts’s marketing machine should focus once again on its hypermotion technology. Apparently, the development team can now capture footballers during real matches using the stadium cameras, without the need to put on XSENS combinations. “The change has allowed the team to enter more than 100 times more data in a single championship season that it has never seized over the 29th anniversary of the Franchise_”, Clame-T- We already in the information meetings.

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