[Planning] Unconditional rack royalty is to be Eldden Ring, a high performance PC?

“Type, it’s not Hell Eldon ring deunring this type ‘Hell”m just like all entered. Is this right?”

Magnum Magnum is more applied. I tried to like this game would launch in the IP, or if you have a good old game updates, Hye – Ja shared with friends, group chat room that, this time is different in the air. The day’s gym → Company → Home line, specify the yimajeodo Saturday to overeat Day to share the best type of health addiction game news that its February intake only protein.

I think the type of said end ended up dictionary download proud and laughed at some facts. Type, the Dark Soul current’m so sloppy game. Game difficulty and depth to the PC specification requirements are different and even complete a health dimension. Es’re not ttaengginda and death in a glass of protein drink ttaenggyeo shatters. But anyway, I also had to wonder who enjoy because of the rave reviews on here and hear the ring Eldon car together. Anyway now that if you have friends and enjoy fun times with the game laws.

“Eldon ring (ELDEN RING) ‘of Fromsoftware RPG is an open field where you can enjoy a console device and the PC. Eldon ring is past the latest Dark Soul current major features that plague the fixed rack will take even the harsh a user on the surface, so there is a myth that can be prepared in gaebaldan in particular boss. Its genre fan base is very thick, games accomplishment achieved its ability to survive the difficulties peculiar dark atmosphere etc.

In particular, the specification also high, which on the request. But if the horse does not enjoy that side to console PC, is the i5 + 1060 grade at minimum, a whopping recommended i7 + 1070 grade. VRAM is also recommended to 8GB which if only one recommended specifications, including better graphics resolution or thought to support raytracing no later began to described parts.

However, there is an optimization problem of the unique open-world game in the early development common. Despite the great PC experience, in a word, and means that the rack is occurring in certain areas. The side Fromsoftware announced that it will recognize optimization problems such as frame drop phenomenon of the many issues that arise in the game through the 25th, the official website and continuously reviewed and improved. Typically, frame drop toxic heavy current part has been identified as “Alter plateau.

Once you get the basic performance optimization across key mwogeon is laid.
Recommended optional i7-8700K + GTX 1070 is matchuja

Jeahmuri subject to many users suffer from handeul optimization problem, which the specification is well below recommended one user does not have to talk with my performance a relatively high PC environment was found to be a difficult game to play. If you set the minimum PC specifications should be enough to play high quality option to FHD. Now the PC, but if you play faded into tears if appropriate with the minimum environmental, to buy a product aimed at the minimum means deprecated.

But a misunderstanding with the most mistakes due to the numbering of IT components. When the public saw people buying products with the same specifications of the PC component to retrieve a surprisingly confusing because mandeora numbers. As alrye i7-8700K is an eighth-generation Intel CPU was released in October 2017, the Intel Core lineup announced so far 12 generations of March 2022. After more than four years i7-8700F confirmed that the latest product i5-12400 and physical performance boils boils and precedes the 12,400 pages on the efficiency and benchmark City. Of course, price is also cheaper 12,400 pages a half or so.

CPU, but I would most like to Eldon ring i5-12400, I want to give users want to go ahead and inexpensive approach is to fit at least a little i5-10400. Because more than 10 generations from Intel i5 CPU with hyper-threading technology to support multi-threaded. If gamers who prefer rayijen CPU roneun jeongugan universal CPU you want to at least 3300X, it will recommend the most suitable for the 5600X degree.

The same is also the graphics card. Of the GTX 1060 and 1070 released in the summer of 2016 performance is still active, especially recently released RTX 3050 is a huge number, but the good performance of 1070 and 3050 when I turned accordance with the actual performance is almost the same. Easy To summarize, if you have a GTX 1070 not bother to change in RTX 3050, talking about that do not bother to find a GTX 1070 to buy a new plane if the RTX 3050.

However, the graphics card crisis mentioned earlier the most problems. The prices are gradually stabilizing, but it is appropriate to talk to anyone, many people interested in IT as part of us. In an attempt to get access to the game to meet the bogetdago PC gamers general criteria it is not but still pressed to the mouth of the bread prices going back to the store environment. Because we should look for products that are sold at cost price compared dont realistic in the current environment.

In the aftermath of the crisis inferior graphics card lineup is better not expect the time being. Specifications required by Eldon in the ring, nor the hat “good caustic ratio RX 570!” Talk of such is now the past. Current dont accessible Heavy geuphyeong graphics card is the GTX 1650. Since the price performance of the graphics card recommended, but is a far superior product that you can only get to 400,000 won in the under current market conditions.

Increasing Snow can think RTX 3050 graphics card. But you can expect a higher performance improvement compared to the previously mentioned 1650, IT components on the basis that many people interested, “said inde latest 30 series of handeul performance below expectations?” And in many products, such as negative evaluation itgetda be worried because the price is similar to 1660 super, very slightly lower than the 1660ti performance.

But is was not released how much quality optiontory situation is also pretty good, the environment, rather than QHD is recommended that you consider 3050 a mindset that buying the latest products because prior to 3050 are marginally. Especially if you think of VRAM and raytracing feature upcoming update of the recommended optional 8GB is bound to listen to the hands of end 3050.

The QHD environmental performance ever want to recommend the RTX 3060ti is challenging the price. Would you personally like 3070ti. But more than twice as much as the price compared to 3050, there is an advantage that can be greedy If you compromised the quality options to 4K. Let us consider, especially if the 3070ti afford the money, because if it does currently in the market is very big price difference between 3070 and 3070ti. Or also lowered its sights to the 3060 level, how to set the quality option in the environment so QHD intermediate.

Game tests were trying to proceed in three environments. Although progress in the normal test conditions such as the latest drivers and further optimization is applied to the current state of the rack it is also applied to the console device. Because because it requires a benchmark statistics from various PC.

However, the existing high specification in to conduct the tests were also want to try the test. Because here there was a susomun, it was difficult to get the ‘ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 10GB’ graphics card. But was expecting a tough game such overwhelming performance optimization Yes handeul reason to exclude high-end specifications, is because.

One of your PC gameplay CPU and graphics card
\ – Fitness Boy PC: i7-8700 + RTX 2070
\ – your PC: 3700X + RTX 3060ti
\ – fellow reporters PC: i7-11700 + RTX 3070
\ – test PC: i7-12700K + RTX 3080

Elden Ring PC Performance Simply Isn't Good Enough

rack at any interval, but it is important to specifications!
Now takes unconditional rack in highest quality (graphics) option

In the conclusion, it takes a rack unconditionally at the best quality options regardless of the specifications. This is a story that is also regarded as a resolution and certain fields, such as a particular field. Four tested PCs have been suspected of doubt, but I have not been able to seek and search for various cases, but I have not been able to enjoy Eldoning without a rack in the quality top options.

Because of “I should not be able to graphics, resolution, and once the rack should not be unconditional,” I have to lower the quality options, regardless of the specifications and environments. Particularly, as mentioned earlier, console devices are racks. I will optimize it directly on the promotion of the promotion, but now I have nothing to do with the game, but now I have to compromise the quality option.

Another, it is not necessary to lower the specification because it takes an unconditional rack. When the process was performed in the process of conducting the test, since the temporary rack was solved, the overall frame was quite stable, and the resulting environment is particularly good for PC specifications.

Luckily, the three individual PCs identified play were the environment of QHD, 4K, respectively, respectively. If you set the quality option at the FHD resolution to the FHD resolution with the PC, the minimum frame drops below 30 to 30, and you have a maximum of 1% at the QHD resolution, and if you have a maximum of 1% minimum frame, By setting the quality option at the 4K resolution, it was confirmed that 1% minimum frame drops to the second half of 20.

As a result of the latest products, the Testing of the I7-12700K + RTX 3080 configuration has enjoyed the quality option at the 4K resolution that has enjoyed the 4K resolution, which is the best Eldening of the rack, in the environment where the rack-inducent environment has been maintained by a minimum frame of 40 fps. The actual testing and felt that I felt a little bit of a magnificent map, but I felt a little bit of a mapped, but I did not occur in a field or a unpleasant rack or break in the field or battle environment. However, the time was much pleasant when he lowered the quality option.

Conclusion: No matter how much racks, you have a lot of performance depending on the environment
You need a PC for your monitor

In fact, I was worried about the article. It was a state that already known for optimization, and the open run was that it was actually a part of the rack. “I have to solve it. It was fun for the idea to match the PC for the high-end PC for optimization.”

However, it was confirmed that the higher the specifications, the higher the specifications, the higher the specifications, the more we showed a pleasant environment. To talk to this part, the article was somewhat longer, and it is important to make it easy to summarize it because it is good to organize it from the conclusion.

Once the best quality option is currently causing unconditional racks. It is a part of the optimization issue immediately after the open, especially in the context, such as a sudden frame drop in the ‘Alter Plateau’, which is trying to especially in the ‘Alter Plateau’.

In an FHD environment, I5 + RTX 3050 configurations of or more and more than 10 generations can be recommended. However, as a previously talked, it is recommended to play a lower level in the best quality option that occurs unconditionally. In the QHD environment, I5 + 30% of I5 + 30% of 10th generation will be recommended. Here, CPU is i7, and the graphics card has a more comfortable environment to taste a more pleasant environment. If you prefer a Ryzhen product, we recommend 5600X in the FHD environment and 5600X.

Many gamers are Wannabi section, and 4K resolution I7 + 3070-year-old minimum conditions of 10th and more than 10 generations. As a result, it can be said that a 3080 graphics card is inevitable to maintain a 40 fps in the current environment as a result of giving up a frame to give a frame of a frame or compromise a quality option. Also, as the price difference between 3070 and 3070TI is a level of 3070 and 3070TI’s price, it would be better to think about 3070Ti if you consider the specification. (Based on March 1, 2022)

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