Add approximately 90 titles new to Nintendo Switch sale. Major maker work such as Skueni is quite cheaper

New sales of titles for Nintendo Switch started on March 2 at Nintendo E shop. It is subject to 90 titles, and it can be said that it is a feature of this sale that multiple Japan’s leading publisher participates. In this paper, we pick up some of them and introduce them.

First of all, let’s look at the Square Ennick Title. All “Final Fantasy” series are off by 50%. Target titles are “FINAL FANTASY VII” (917 yen), “FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered” (1273 yen), “FINAL FANTASY IX” (1273 yen), “FINAL FANTASY X / X-2 HD remaster” (3344 yen), “Final Fantasy XII THE ZODIAC AGE” (3190 yen).

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On the other hand, “Dragon Quest” series is off 35%. The first “Dragon Quest” (429 yen), “Dragon Quest II Vian Division” (607 yen), “Dragon Quest III and Legend to Legend” (1072 yen), “Dragon Quest III and Legend” (1072 yen) It is S “(3560 yen).

Besides, an action RPG “new threshold” is 50% off 3740 yen for action RPG “new threshold”. The remastered version of the previous work “Sobara this Sekai -final Remix-” is also 50% off and 2640 yen. “Saga Frontier Remaster”, which was added to the addition of the new hero, is 30% off 3360 yen. HD Remaster Version “Romancing Saga 3” is 30% off 2450 yen. RPG ‘Last Remnant’ Remastered “The Last Remnant Remastered” is 50% off 2189 yen. “Sacred Swords Legend 3 Trials of Mana”, who fully made “Sacred Sword Legend 3”, is 50% off 3289 yen.

Capcom titles are also in sale. “Odami Book Shareholding Version” is 51% off 1490 yen. “Demon warrior” is 44% off 1990 yen. “Dragons Dogma: Dark Arizen” is 51% off 1990 yen. “Devil May Cry” is 51% off 990 yen. “Devil May Cry 2” is also 51% off 990 yen. Furthermore, “Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition” is also 50% off 990 yen.

From the “Rockman” series, “Rockman Classics Collection”, “Rockman Classics Collection”, which contains “Rockman 6” from “Rockman 1”, “Rockman 10” from “Rockman 10”, “Rockman 10”, “Rockman X” From “Rockman X Anniversary Collection” to “Rockman X5” from “Rockman X4”, “Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2”, which contains “Rockman X8”, is ¥ 1490, 51 to 55% off.

In addition, 70% off “Rockman 11 fate gear !!” is 70% off. In addition, “Rockman Zero & Zeks Double Hero Collection”, which combines the “Rockman Zero” series 4 works and “Rockman Zeks” series, is 1990 yen off by 50% off.

From Bandai Namco, “PUI PUI Morcer” mini game collection “PUI PUI Morker Let’s! Morcer Party! “” Is 20% off 4990 yen. “Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch-! “38% off 4100 yen. “ONE PIECE Unlimited World R Deluxe Edition” is 65% off 65%, which also supports two-person cooperative play. One “I feel” Oita Action “One Piece Pirate Muso 3 Deluxe Edition” is 53% off 2970 yen. The sequel “ONE PIECE Pirate Muso 4” is 42% off 4900 yen.

Digital Card Games “Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission” is 59% off 3000 yen. “Dragon Ball Fighters” is also 59% off 3000 yen. “Dragon Ball Zeno Berse 2” is 50% off 3740 yen. “Super Robot War T” is 41% off 5500 yen. Also, the Suspense Adventure “Little Nightmares-Little Nightmare-Deluxe Edition” worked on Tarsier Studios is 32% off 2390 yen. The sequel “Little Night Mare 2” is 2900 yen of 26% off.

Many sales are also selling of the Touhou secondary creation title. High rating search type action “TOUHOU LUNA NIGHTS” is 15% off 15%. Dungeon RPG “The Touhou Labyrinth-Gensokyo and Tennot Tai-” is 30% off 3696 yen. 3D Racing Game “Gentlen Sky Drift” is 50% off 1490 yen. Horizontal Scroll Barrage Shooting “Maei Suga” is 50% off 1263 yen. Action Puzzle “Kubina Silicon” is 20% off 1024 yen.

In addition, in Japan, a snake action “Snake Pass (Snake Pass)” on sale from Konami is 70% off. Metal Max Xeno’s Remake Version “Metal Maxo Ribone” of Tank and Dog and Human RPG “Metal Max Xeno” is 57% off 2785 yen. Love Simulation Games “Lover Kiss” with additional elements in “Lover (Love Lar)” is 75% off “Lover Kiss”. Action Adventure “My Memory of US-Chi-Saisa Olive Flowers”, which operates two children caught in the aggression war, with the motif of Poland, which is invaded in the aggression war, is 50% off 1100 yen.

In Nintendo e-shop, many titles are in sale including other than those added this time. Because the end date is different depending on the title, please check the respective store page for details.

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