Gosens debut at Inter Milan: “Light spot in Fahlem derby”

Football international Robin Gosens was positively voted after his short debut in the dress by Meister Inter Milan. “I am very satisfied, it’s nice to stop in the square after almost five-month injury,” said the former Bergamo professional at Inter-TV.

In the semi-final first leg of the Italian Cup at local rivals AC Milan (0: 0), Gosens had been replaced by his coach Simone Inzaghi on Tuesday evening in the 88th minute.

“The AC Milan is a strong team that exercises a lot of pressure. We may have to take advantage of the rooms better, but that’s not always easy. In April we will fight with self-confidence for the title,” said Gosens.

The Italian positively voteds gazettes praised the Germans after the premier game in the Inter-Dress. “In the inter-crisis, Gosens appears. For a team in obvious difficulties his start is a good news”, commented on the “Gazzetta dello positively voted”.

DERBY SENGITâť—Hasil Pertandingan Ac Milan Vs Inter Milan 0-0 ???? Debut Perdana Gosens ????

“After a five-month break, Gosens comeback is a bright spot in a pale derby,” “Tuttopositively voted” judged. Gosens laboratory on a lengthy muscle injury. In the winter break he was changed to the defending champion.

Inter-coach Simone Inzaghi was also pleased: “He will make a big contribution to the team.” Overall, however, there was no major mood in Derby.

“A derby with little tension. The only show was that of the spectators with the Ukrainian flags in his hand. There was boredom on the playing field,” wrote the daily “Il Messaggero”.

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