“DOOM II” open world survival MOD “Typhon” announced that can be played cooperative play-course changes with players action

“Brutal Doom” Batro Oper “Brutal Hell Royale” author Trudaddy has announced MOD “ Typhon ” that opens “ DOOM II ” in MODDB.

This MOD adds a new single player campaign to “DOOM II”. It is characterized by new enemies, weapons, and game play Mechanics, and is an action survival horror that explores the inside of a full open-wounded spacecraft.

In addition to collecting and fighting random spawn supplies, you can use items other than ammunition to replace the enemy, and deal with a specific enemy that keeps tracking players, and to survive various opportunities. It seems that.

In addition, various issues are waiting for each area of ​​the cosmic ship. As an example, “Whether the area of ​​the area overflowing with wastewater is attempted” or “How do you try the behavioral limitations with broken airlocks”, etc. Says.

In addition, this MOD also supports cooperative play, and accordingly there is also a changing story. A full-fledged release of “Typhon” plans Q4 for 2022 and aims to deliver demo version within the next two months.

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