Up to the connection compensation and hot time, line Games Unsembrane Spring Event

Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) announced that it has held three kinds of events in the Multi-Platform Nuclear & Slash Action RPG ‘Undex (Undecember “, which is developed by Diamiz Games (representative Jobs) and the Slash Action RPG’.

This spring event consisted of ‘Festa Events’, and ‘Hot Time Event’, which can get compensation for mission forms.

March 31, the ‘Festa Event’, which proceeds until the inspection before, is characterized by achieving the mission (Festa) given through play and to obtain compensation. If you achieve the mission daily, you can get a good lucky box that can get the high value’s essence and of the object with a certain probability.

In addition, the event period will be held every day a day, which can get a lucky gold box for up to 30,000 gold, which can be obtained up to 300,000 gold, and it will proceed until a 17-day inspection.

Finally, until midnight, it is also carried out ‘hot time events’, which apply to hot time buffs that increase the treatment experience and gold acquisition in weekends at 18:00 to 24 o’clock on weekdays and 18:00 to 24 hours.

Egg Raid [EASTER EVENT] [Undertale Broken Timeline] [RPG]
The ‘Unsemix Version’ game information and updates, and event guidance can be checked through SNS channels, such as Facebook, Discord, including Faucernity, Discord, and Event Guide,

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