Microsoft and EA expressed to stop product sales in Russia. In response to military invitation to Ukraine by Russia

Microsoft announced on March 4, in response to military invitation against Ukraine by Russia, and has been announced to stop the new sales of the company’s product in Russia. It has also been revealed to stop every business in Russian countries, as well as in accordance with the UK government and EU vs. Russian sanctions.

On February 28, Russia’s Ukrainian invasion is illegal and unfair and tragedy, and cyber attack measures to related countries, (by Russian state-owned media) information operation measures, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine people Explanation to conduct technical support. This time, it was decided to make a further step-up response.

In the Russian market, various companies stop selling products one after another. For example, Apple, Nike, IKEA, etc., Walt Disney and Sony Pictures have discontinued the release of new films. Microsoft also responded to such movements.

Assessing the Russian Military Campaign in Ukraine

Prior to this announcement, Vice Prime Minister MYKHAILO Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister Ukraine, was asked to stop the activities with Russia (and Russia), for game-related companies, including Microsoft and Sony.. Microsoft is considered to include XBOX related to the Russian product sales stop, and there may also be a side that corresponds to Fedorov’s call.

In addition, EA also announced to stop selling the company’s product in Russia and Belarus on March 5th. During the end of this dispute, EA’s game, related content, and virtual currency can not be purchased in both countries. Not only PC game platform Origin operated by the company, but also partner platform holders also offer deletion of the company’s title and sales stop in the area.

The company announced that the Russian club and representative team will be deleted from the soccer game “FIFA” and the ice hockey game “NHL” series the other day (Related Articles). This was done in the form of sanctions by competition groups such as FIFA.

The EA continues to evaluate the response to the company as a serious situation, and as a result, it seems to have made a decision to carry out further measures. In addition, it is stated that the games and other areas of the operation will be evaluated in the future.

The CD ProJekt Group was expressed on March 3, for sales outage of products in Russia and Belarus in the game industry. In addition to the game such as “Cyberpunk 2077”, which is under the umbrella, the operation of the PC game sales platform GOG.COM is also stopped.

In addition, developers blober Team known in psychological horror games such as “Layers of Fear” series are also expressed to stop sales of studio products in both countries on the same day.

In the game industry, support activities to the country, such as sending donations to Ukraine, and various companies, including the above-mentioned CD Project group, have been conducted. Under such circumstances, it has developed into the sanction movement of the product sales stop in Russia Belarus.

Ukraine-based developer-based developers, known for “Sherlock Holmes Chapter One” and “THE SINKING CITY”. We comment on sales stop request by Fedorov.

According to it, Mr. AMR supports the sales stopping measures of Russia. As a reason, he says that many of the Russian citizens do not know what are happening in Ukraine. He has a bias in the report in Russia, and it will lead to doubt that the information you are being able to get lost yesterday.

The FROGWARES staff remained around Ukraine, and there are also people in the city where the city and bombing under the occupation of the Russian army are continuing. Studio facilities are safe at this time, but there are also staff who have destroyed the house. He also says that it is the last way to relocate foreign overseas of the studio. It is difficult to persuade the life and family of hometowns and families only for work for work. All of them are more than their many sacrifices, and it seems to be a posture to protect the hometown.

  • FROGWARES reports the recent status in Ukraine every day on SNS. On March 3, the Xbox ONE version “Sherlock Holmes-Devil’s Daughter-” re-release is the result of the bomb and the threat of the tank, and it is said that the mind is hurting.

Although not yet officially announced, the race game “Gran Turismo 7” released on March 4 in the whole world has been reported not to be sold in the Russian PlayStation Store (eurogamer). Russian version PLAYSTATION Official Twitter account has not been launched with the same work, and SIE may also have a strict response to stop new sales of products in Russia.

In addition, Nintendo is guiding that Nintendo E shop for the country temporarily is temporarily stopped as “maintenance mode” on the official support page for Russia. The payment service used by the Nintendo E shop should stop trading in the Russian currency rouva. In Russia, a bank of Russia is excluded from the Payment Mesh of the International Bank Communication Association (SWIFT) as part of the Western Financial Section. Nintendo e-shop shutdown may be the impact of these sanctions.

【UPDATE 2022/03/05 12:43】

Activision Blizzard will release a message that Daniel Alegre, President and Coo, March 5th. It has been revealed to stop new sales of products in Russia, while this conflict is continuing. The company is engaged in “Call of Duty” series, “Call of Duty” series, “Crash Bandicoo” series, “Diablo” series, “overwatch”, etc.

In addition, the company has provided our support to employees who are affected by the military invasion, and attracted donations over $ 300,000 and more than $ 300,000 He also reports to seeking support for Poland, which has also accepted refugees from Ukraine.

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