Rock Star Games, GTA Online from all public phone assassinations

Rock Star Games said GTA offers a variety of bonuses from GTA online public telephone assassinations.

After completing the assassination of the public phone this week, you can provide additional 50% GTA dollars and RPs, and public phone assassinations can start when the player who owns the office completes the security agreement.

If the player succeeds in the first assassination, it is also possible to raise a higher revenue in the free mode, and it is possible to raise a higher revenue, and a more assassin request for this week.

If you complete the three-pending assassination with additional compensation for the same period, you will receive a $ 20,000 GTA dollar, and in free mode, Franklin can get free supplies such as grenades, adhesive bombs, ammunition, armor.

Multiplayer Mode 3-kinds of speeds (remix), running bags (remix), hippie hunting, etc. have been added, and in the running bag (remix) mode, double compensation is paid regardless of this week.

GTA Online - All Payphone Hits & Assassination Bonuses

In addition, the Last Tang Tang Mission of Zerald provides double GTA dollars and RPs, and the Legion of Business Battle and Destruction of three times

Dingka Goy is selected as a car meeting prizes, and if you enter the third place in the third consecutive consecutive days, you can obtain prizes.

In the LS Message’s Thermal Track, Dingkagai, Anise S80RR, provides the opportunity to test the vehicle such as Albani V-STR.

A variety of discounts are provided, the heavy rifle, coil stern, coil compact EMP launcher, the contracting contract inorganic finish, all ammunition and armor are sold at a maximum of 30% discounted prices.

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