[Todays steam] Eldon Ring, evaluation rose, but optimization complaints are still

As long as Eldon Ring has solved several issues, including the Dayer patch, user assessment is gradually climbing. However, the optimization problem is not completely solved, and the user complaint is constantly being raised.

Since its launch of February 25, the initial assessment of the Eldon Ring was on. The exogenous bugs, frame drop problems, optimization issues, anti-cheat compatibility problems have interfered with smooth play, and user evaluation was also negative. As a result, the promotional software will focus on troubleshooting and repeating patches. As a result, as of March 6, the steam user assessment was successful in the “game” in the “game” and “game” in complex (83%).

But not all problems have been resolved. If the game is suddenly shut down or severe, it is frequently occurring to reboot, and it also happens to fly up to save points. However, the existing problems are not solved by 100%. One steam user has been complaining that he played the Eldon Ring and had more than a graphics card, and it was a gamer that is not even running even if it is a long time, In addition, it does not support monitor scypes of monitor scanning rate, and suddenly it is complaining that it takes more than dozens to screen switching.

I Need to Find a Way to Fit

Currently, if you are refunded by the above reasons and optimizations are completed, the issues that you will be able to purchase again, the issues are homework to quickly solve the promotional software. Although the game performance of the Eldon Ring is dominant, the positive opinion is dominant, but gamers, which are hard to enjoy the game, are likely to be a faster coping.

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