LOL – This will be the playoffs of lec 2022: all about the decisive matches to win the title

With a forceful Victoria de Rogue over G2 ESPORTS, the regular phase of the Spring Split of LEC 2022 has been completed. The maximum European competition of League of Legends closes its first phase to give way to the decisive parties. As usual, six teams have reached this definitive stage. Four of them do it from the top of the painting and will have permission to make mistakes, while the remaining two will have to travel a heroic path from the low area of ​​the painting in which a defeat will be eliminated.

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Format and eliminatories of LEC playoffs 2022

The playoffs of LEC 2022 will begin after a few weeks of rest. It will be March 25 when they throw the first rounds of this second competitive stage . The initial pairings have already been decided after Rogue, with the right to choose thanks to its first place in the regular phase, decided to face misfits. This has left an interesting game between FNATIC and G2 ESPORTS still in the winners’ picture and a duel to continue alive in the tournament that will face Excel ESPORTS and Team Vitality.

Although Rogue has been the first classified, the team that arrives most easily is FNATIC . The British set has achieved seven victories along the second round of the competition with an imperial upset beating the record of fewer deaths of the history of LEC. He also does missoftis , who has won seven of his last nine games. Registration that has not been avoided that the regular phase champion has considered it a more affordable rival than G2 Esports.

All matches corresponding to LEC playoffs will be played at the best of five respecting the usual schedules of LEC, although there will be an extra ration of League of Legends the first two weeks. Both on the weekend of March 25 and on April 1, there will be parties on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday.

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