Who should you give prayer books in Elden Ring?

ELDEN RING Two Fingers Prayer Book Location
The various incantations of Elden Ring give the players incredible magic skills. They enable a variety of actions and give the players the opportunity to throw lightning and fire from their bare hands. As is to be expected, many of these summons can be found by killing bosses and completing certain NPC quest series. But some can only be obtained by finding special dealer NPCs to which you give prayer books. Certain books expand their selection of spells in different ways. Nevertheless, due to quest straps that occur during the game history, it may still be difficult to get these spells.

The best NPC in Elden Ring, which you can give prayer books

The players will most likely give their books Corhyn, one of the first NPCs they encounter in the Roundtable Hold. Despite his concerns about many prayer books, he still likes to teach the spells contained therein. But at a certain point he will go on a separate journey and only found in certain places in the open world. The next time he is found, the card fragment on the Altus plateau; Keeping an eye on the eye becomes more difficult from there. However, players can completely ignore this if they are not interested in NPC quest series. Instead, you can find Miriel, pastor of the vow in the vow church.

The pastor accepts each prayer book provided by the player, so that the spells contained therein can be bought at its normal prices. This is especially useful because Miriel teaches magic. This means that players simply save all prayer books or scrolls and you can pass them all the pastor if necessary. In essence, Miriel acts as a turntable for spells when a new scroll or prayer book is found. Just take care that you do not accidentally attack the pastor and kill. You can not give any books of a body and expect to learn from it.

ELDENRING is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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