FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann strengthens Leroy Sane

Captain Manuel Neuer returns to the Gate of Bayern Munich on Tuesday (21:00 pm / Amazon Prime) in the secondary final match of the Champions League against RB Salzburg. Coach Julian Nagelsmann took his team before the important K.O. game in the duty.

“I think that the balance for three, four games has lost us. Against Leverkusen this was better again. There was something at the time of the punch. That’s always a burr going,” the coach warned on Monday on the press conference before the game at.

The partially hairstoping mistakes in the defensive – especially from domestic contiguous Dayot Upamecano – he also posted at this point: “It’s just about 50: 50 situations in the defense we do not decide properly.”

Hope makes the record champion, however, the upcoming return of Manuel Neuer. “Manu will be able to play, we’re all very happy about it,” said Nagelsmann. Newers meaning for the club, the team and him as a coach is “self-explanatory”, even if it had his replacement Sven Ulich “Well”, he added.

New chance for Leroy Sané?

New had missed the past five mandatory games of Bayern because of a meniscus surgery, including the first leg (1: 1) in Salzburg. Most recently, he was used on 5 February in the Bundesliga against RB Leipzig (3: 2).

Also, Routinian Thomas Müller found praised words for the “excellent representative” Ulreich, but emphasized: “If a manuel is new in the gate, the opponent may have another mindset again.” New is one of one for the “untenable” and “of course very important”.

Leroy Sané may also make hopes for a hopes after difficult weeks. “Even if he does not have his best constitution, he enjoys our trust. Stand now he would play and then hopefully make a very good game,” Nagelsmann announced, although he admitted to have not finally decided on the lineup.

Meanwhile, FC Bayern must refrain from Alphonso Davies, Leon Goretzka (hip) and Corentin Tolisso (muscle fiber rupture).

All statements from the PK for reading:

+++ Nagelsmann about the meaning of training +++

“I think that the players feel comfortable. You already like to work as a coach. That’s a lot to do with it that one unfolds the way to the game. During the game, the then is more about coaching. I prefer coach than Coach. “

+++ Nagelsmann over the young players at Salzburg +++

“There are many interesting players with delivery, which will certainly go the way to the top leagues. That will be there in the future that a player from Salzburg lands again at Bavaria.”

+++ Nagelsmann over the balance +++

“I find that the balance for three, four games have lost us. Against Leverkusen this was better again. There was something at the time of the punch. That’s always a burrwiking. But it’s easy by 50: 50 situations in the Defense we do not decide properly. In these decisions we are still so inside: I prefer to take the playful solution and then that’s good and not. “

+++ Nagelsmann About Leroy Sané +++

“Basically, it’s a player I’m reluctant to renounce because he has the quality to decide games. I have not decided for tomorrow. We need him in his best condition, then he is barely defending. Even if he but not his best constitution, he enjoys our trust. Stand now he would play and then hopefully make a very good game. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the question about three or four chain +++

“I already have a clear structure, as I go to it and that’s the player. How fit is he, on which position does he feel well, I would never put a basic order about the strengths of my players. I always try one To make analysis, the opponent is stronger or weaker than us and put on a lot of offensive players. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the comparison of Salzburg and the Bundesliga +++

“I’ve been a good team for Salzburg, which has a clear idea. It’s never so easy to defend that if you have the game types that press and fast. But they do not always want to beat, but they do not always want to beat them Also, have the qualities to play football. Whether they would play in the Bundesliga around the championship, I do not know. But they would play a good role. “

Leroy Sané - Why Is He So Good?

+++ Nagelsmann over Salzburg +++

“I believe that there are already parallel to the first leg. But they will not start blind links. They had many Coronafals and could not be fully exercise. You have already noticed in the first leg that they were tired after 60 minutes. That’s our job Continue to high up the tempo and be prepared for it. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the meaning of the game +++

“Of course, it’s a particularly game. If it does not go positively, then it’s not a special season. But I’m not a blackmobile. I’m not going on. I’m already hoping that we make a good game and progress is our claim. I’m sure every player has this self-image. “

+++ Nagelsmann About Factor Lewandowski +++

“If you have a Lewy in the team, then it is always advisable to provide him with balls. He had a lot of room in the first leg, but got too few balls. We have again discussed and trained that, but it’s not just on him, but also on the players next to him. “

+++ Nagelsmann about communication in the defense +++

“Communication is important, no question. If you are communicating, you support the teammate. Even more valuable is that you support yourself because you are analyzing the position and is always alerted. That’s what we have lost with David Alaba someone who has spoken extremely much. Now we have players who are not used to. You have to grow. But some games are not the guy who never grow in. “That’s completely value-free.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the deficits against Leverkusen +++

“We did not lose full control against Leverkusen. In the second half we were partly too much game control, then there is always the danger that you get a counterattack against a counter-strong team.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the new comeback +++

“If nothing happens overnight, then we can play. That’s very happy about it. About the meaning of Manuel has been talked a lot. Ulreich has done well, yet he also understands that we are all happy that Manuel is all happy can play. “

+++ Continue with Nagelsmann +++

Now coach Julian Nagelsmann takes over the microphone and will answer questions.

+++ Müller about the Corona Falls at Salzburg +++

“We have noticed it, too, because I was looking for clasp, where I got it. It’s important to see it, many players were out for a week. It’s different, how strong the disease was. It is certainly for Salzburg No advantage, but no big topic with us.

+++ Müller via Adeyemi +++

“I believe his strengths are obvious. He has enormous speed, a good goalkeeping. He is not only the classic wingplitzer, he can also do something in the penalty area. As I assess him, he does not make him a big head in the current phase. He has this shot self-confidence and the situation stacks him. “

+++ Müller about the meaning of the game +++

“Of course we are pleased. These weeks Bundesliga on Bundesliga, we are not used to that. In the first season, it goes through Saturday-Wednesday Saturday. That’s the rhythm we know. That’s why I’m looking forward to it. The responsibility is already aware of what we can reach tomorrow. We can win something visible in this game. That’s why I enjoy the situation. “

+++ Müller about the mindset +++

“You have seen in the first leg, what Salzburg can be in combination with your audience and also with the game course – which is not optimal for us now. In the second half we were already on the pusher. It already seemed so that we were vulnerable. But I take these examples of a strong Salzburg team rather. Of course, Salzburg also has strengthen, we also have respect. We do not hide. “

+++ Müller over the wobbly Upamecano +++

“I already see that he has shown many positive situations. His top qualities are defending that. The problem is, sometimes you do not even notice how well defended things away. That’s the lot of the defender. That’s too many mistakes in it were, we all saw. It is also about presenting the risk management differently. We want to be a playful team. But that does not mean that we have to get out of your own penalty area. We may have to rely on him as a team again “

+++ Müller over the strong Niklas SELE +++

“Niki is fine, maybe the fact that the fronts are now clarified. I was very happy that he did the gate and deserves the respect of the spectators. His strengths are of course in the two-fighting guide. He has Take the last few weeks very well. He also has the rest on the ball. I hope he can hold the form. “

+++ Müller over the charging in Lewandowski +++

“I believe that we may want to modify our offensive game and have to modify something. But in principle, he is in a good mood.”

+++ Müller about the pressure before the game +++

“Of course we have the pressure, we have to, we want to progress. When we get away tomorrow, then the season can be a very good 1. I do not deal with the leaving. We have a great way to play at home. That’s why I see The signs are good.

+++ Müller about risk management +++

“From my point of view, we often bring ourselves into problems through their own mistakes a bit. It’s about which zones do I want to choose the risky version and where do I have to choose the long ball or liberation strike. And the risk obstruction short pass play is only in Another zone where more control is. This will be a key for the next few weeks that we approach the risk management differently. “

+++ Müller about the new comeback +++

“We had an excellent representative in the goal with Sven Urereich – both of what he held as well as from the charisma. I think he did that well. That’s why it will not change great. But it does not hurt if he does not hurt is.”

+++ Müller about his own goal +++

“Of course I would have liked to do without the own goal. By doing so, that we have played 1: 1, I could cope with it. I did not have a big head myself.” Would have a better communication from being sure. “

+++ Let’s go +++

In these minutes, the press conference of FC Bayern begins before the Champions League game against RB Salzburg. It starts with Thomas Müller.

+++ Royal Class as a source of money – FC Bayern before millions game +++

After the tremendous financial losses in two years Corona pandemic, FC Bayern in the Champions League against RB Salzburg is also a great deal of money. The entry into the quarterfinals would be rewarded by UEFA with another premium of 10.6 million euros.

After the group stage with six victories and the eighth place in Europe, the German Champion had already taken 78.42 million euros in UEFA premiums in Europe’s premier. There is also a double-digit million amount from the so-called market pool, whose sum is not until the end of the season, as well as viewer’s revenue.

A semi-final push would be rewarded by UEFA with another 12.5 million. The final winner on May 28 at the Stade de France of Paris then receives 20 million euros again. The Bavaria could therefore redeem well over 100 million euros in this season.

+++ FC Bayern has to play on victory – new in question +++

The last minute gate of Kingsley Coman at 1: 1 in the first leg ago three weeks ago in Salzburg is no longer so valuable for FC Bayern as in previous European cocal times. The awayator rule was abolished before this season. Thus, the Bayern would not reach a 0: 0 in the second leg against RB Salzburg. The game then went to an extension.

But the Munich will be full of victory anyway in their own stadium. “We want to go to the next round and have the quality of creating that. We have to win,” said defensive chief Niklas Sule.

It is open whether Captain Manuel’s new only 30 days after surgery at the right knee will give comeback in the Munich Tor.

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