PSG-Profi Neymar is looking forward to the CL

“It took a little longer than expected, it was a very complicated injury, but I am mentally and physically 100 percent ready,” Neymar said at the press conference in front of the second leg in the Champions League eighth place at Real Madrid. Despite the 1-0 gauge success, the attacker knows how tricky the task becomes.

Conférence de presse de Neymar et Pochettino avant Real Madrid / PSG - Ligue des Champions
“We meet a very strong team that has a lot of quality. We have an advantage because we have won 1: 0, but we have to go on victory,” said the 30-year-old and promised: “We will not become defensive, but play forward. “

The anticipation for the duel in the Bernabeu is huge. “It’s a game that all players want to play,” says Neymar and admitted that Madrid should not be the terminus of the Parisian in this Champions League season. The goal is the Stade de France, in which this year’s finale is recently held due to Russia’s war against Ukraine. An end game in front of a local audience “is incredible for us and makes us even more desire to reach the final”.

It’s a competition that every PSG fan and every PSG player wants to win.

Mauricio Pochettino

But PSG must think of game to play – and that means you have to take the high hurdle Real Madrid on Wednesday. That at Real Casemiro, for Neymar “the best player on his position”, fails, there is a small advantage, yet “it is not easy, because real many good players has”.

It is also aware of PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentinean warns of the royal, which the royal class had already won 13 times. “That’s no coincidence,” said the 50-year-old and pointed out that PSG “effectively won only one half. But Pochettino also explained that his team “do not be afraid” and “reputable to the matter”. Because one thing is clear: the Champions League “is a competition that every PSG fan and every PSG player wants to win.”

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