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Octordle is a game in words based on the popular game Wordle. The Octordle differs from Wordle in several ways, but first of all the words used. With Wordle, players are trying to guess one word out of five letters, but with Octordle players will guess eight five-letter words directly . Guessing one word out of five letters in itself can be a little difficult for some players, so adding another seven letters away from the ideal.

This game works just like Wordle. It is reproduced in the browser and adheres to the same rules as Wordle. Letters will become yellow if they are in the Word, but elsewhere. They become green if they are in the word and in the right place.

Tips for Unknown

Juggle eight different guesses at the same time and track which letters were used in the previous guess, it can be extremely difficult. An excellent way to calm down is to pay attention to the color coordination on the Octord key. Each letter is divided into four quadrant, each of which represents one of the four main puzzles in the game of this day.

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When the letter will be guessed, its result will be shown in one of the quadrants on the keyboard. If the first game contained the letter, the letter will display the upper left quadrant with green. It works only for the four best games, and the four lower left remains the most complicated.

Having in mind the function mentioned above, it may be easier to first focus on four lower puzzles, since the quadrants of letters do not help them on the keyboard. In addition, the same tips and techniques as in Wordle are suitable for this game. The use of as many vowels as possible at the beginning is a great way to narrow the word.

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