Elden Ring debuts big in Spain and exceeds the sales of any Souls

Elden Ring hForbidden West infected its international success to the Spanish market. The long-awaited new video game of fromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment hForbidden West sealed its name in the select group of videogames caught success with nothing less than 60,500 units sold in its first week for sale. Available since February 25, in just three days (week 8, which computes from February 21 to 27), the title hForbidden West exceeded the debut of any other Japanese firm to date at Spain .

Elden Ring exceeds the debut of Horizon Forbidden West and previous Souls

The information, advanced by the companions of Gamereactor, explicit how that amount is distributed by platforms. Elden Ring is available in PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles, but if we stick to consoles is ps5 where more copies have been sold directly to the user, with no less than 27,000 copies of the 60,500 registered units. Horizon Forbidden West, another of the great premieres of February, managed to sell at its first week 43,000 units in PS5 and PS4.

In other words, we find ourselves before the second best-selling video game of the year 2022 in its debut in Spain ; Only behind Legends Pokémon Arceus (140,000 units in his debut), which even with the exclusive condition of a single platform, Nintendo Switch, showed his commercial power. All in all, Elden Ring is already, in three days, the third best-selling video game of what we have of year in PatriForbidden West; Only behind Legends Pokémon Arceus (185,000 units) and FIFA 22 (71,000 accumulated copies).

This hForbidden West been rendered by Elden Ring in his debut in relation to other fromSoftware videogames in our country, according to this same source:

  1. Elden Ring – 60,500 units
  2. Dark Souls III – 25,000 units

  1. Bloodborne (first two weeks) – 20,500 units
  2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 17,000 units

A Surprising Release Hits The Nintendo Switch And Massive Sales Revealed For Elden Ring | News Wave
5. Dark Souls II – 8,000 units

Elden Ring sweeps on sales on all platforms and dazzle on Twitch

Elden Ring, Sales Leader in Steam and one of the clear dominators this month on the twitch retransmission portal, is available at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In Meristation we have valued it in our Analysis with a mForbidden Westterpiece rating. You can know all about the title in our guide: Tips, tricks, bosses, strategies and more.

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