Lagranoque M, New Graphics in the 4th Anniversary

The Gravity has conducted the 4th anniversary of the 4th anniversary of the 10th, Mobile MMORPG Ragnarok M: Eternal LOVE (Eternal LOVE).

First anniversary and more anniversary pa samin.happy advance 4th anniversary babe????????

This update includes a new class Soul Lingker, a new story 7 royal mystery, a new story 7 royal ruth, a new dungeon, new equipment, and the like.

First, graphics upgrades were centering on the midgart continent, on each city and field buildings, heavens, land, and water, such as environment, character, costume, ornaments.

Then, the Soullinger can select a job in the initial time when creating a character with a new class that uses staff. With the ability to control the soul, it has strong attack power and support skills, which can be used as a multi-aspect.

New Story 7 Royal Mystery is a new map of Fronta’s royal palace, searching for the plot of the Runmead Gats Kingdom, and revealing the false and hidden to the false and silence.

Gravity conducts seven kinds of anniversary events from March 10 to April 18th to April 18th. Attendance events, steamed adventure certification events, coupon events, new and return user events, reward events, and Lagmarble events, and the like.

Ragnarok M representative said, “Ragnarok M has already won the fourth anniversary. We have upgraded the overall graph of the game to make a feeling of playing a new game for users. I would like to play a richest compensation and play a more funny game. I am in the future, and I would like to ask for a lot of interest and love in Ragnarok M. “

For more information, see the Ragnarok M official community.

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