Buy and install Minecraft for Mac

Tip: First try the Minecraft demo for Mac

If you do not know exactly if Minecraft for Mac really likes you, there are good news: With us you can download the free demo. They can use them for 100 minutes (about five ingame days), so enough time to get a good impression.

How to buy and download Minecraft for Mac

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If the demo has convinced you, you can buy the game online for your MacBook or your iMac. And comfortably as a digital purchase:

  • These can be found on the official download page of Minecraft.
  • Simply select “Mac” as a platform below and start the download. The DMG file is then downloaded.
  • The software is free, but you need an account to play. There you also pay access to the game. Meanwhile, a Microsoft account is the prerequisite for this; Mojang accounts do not work anymore. This applies to the minecraft versions of all platforms.
  • Installation then perform on the normal way, there are no special features to observe.

Also price white Minecraft to convince: The Mac version costs just like the Windows version only around 24 euros, depending on the dealer, there are often even cheaper offers. Compared to other gamesholders, this is very favorable, especially measured at the average number of hours players flow into the cult game.

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