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Studio headphones are now a lifestyle product. Since Bluetooth has become a mobile standard since the sound-minded clientele adorns her heads with high-priced headphones of traditional manufactories. Also in the gaming segment, demand continued to increase, a trend recognized the Beyerdynamic as the only brand. The MMX 300 was promptly installed as the sole place deer.

The dominance of the German company stops today, but now the cards seem to be newly mixed. 3D audio as an important aspect of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, Bluetooth, testimonials in the form of streamer * inside, musicians and athletes – the chances were never so good to establish themselves on the market.

It should not be so expensive? Maybe you will find the right headset for your budget:

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The best headsets for PlayStation and Xbox


Among the high-end manufacturers, which for the first time record a headset in their product range, Master & Dynamic also dreams. Their founder has written on the flags, to design timeless and robust headphones, which are still pleased in the coming decades.

Impair processing

The claim of the company founder is reflected in the MG20. High-quality materials will significantly increase the lifetime of the headphones, the aluminum bracket, which tenses through our head, conveys a stable impression. In addition, the wear of movable components should be limited as the suspensions for the driver housings were also made of metal.


Official material in Natura


Included in the delivery are:

  • A storage bag for transport
  • A USB-C on USB-A cable for charging (the headset can not be connected to the PC)
  • A cable for USB-C to 3.5 mm jack
  • A wireless adapter for PC, PS4 and PS5
  • A removable microphone and pop protection to avoid popping plosives

The housings with the chic designed drivers are kept in a simple black or white, RGB fringer is completely lacking. But with the material of the earpads, however, you have to make friends: It is used as reference to genuine lamb leather, which is particularly soft and smooth.

On our demand, under what conditions the raw material is won, Master & Dynamic unfortunately we could not provide information. If you should have a queasy feeling due to the welfare, we can not dispel this concern.

Optional padding, for example from velor or faux leather, are currently not offered. Really annoying, because the ear pads can be easily detached from the housing, so an exchange would be possible easily.

The strap is coated with Alcantara, an artificial microfiber fabric. The material is stiffer than the soft lamb leather, but wears itself as comfortable. Long game sessions left no pressure points, the MG20 is very cozy, but not quite as easy as comparable plastic gaming products.

insanely good sound

Master & Dynamic sees itself as a manufacturer of premium headphones and so the MG20 sounds too. All frequencies are beautifully clearly reproduced, the sound picture is extremely authentic. Especially classic gaming soundtracks are thus primary to be valid. Pieces like “Bittersweet Victory” from Gears 5, “Weight of the World” from Nier: Automata or the title track of Bloodborne, we rarely perceived as voluminous and at the same time sensitively, which also brought us directly goose bumps.

The MG20 grades especially at high and medium high frequencies. Strings and pianos create an intimate atmosphere, but bombast is still not flute. Depths are comparatively restrained and das only discreetly in the background, but bass tracks can be pursued much better and more facets are audible. If you chase after the bass-stranded sound experience, but the headset of Master & Dynamic is definitely not for you.

Depth away from music: Emotional scenes to a acoustic way to give more scope, is a great art that masters the MG20 with Bravour. Titles such as Life is Strange, What Remains of Edith Finch or The Last of Us: Part II life from her soulful handling of the characters and develop a poignant sog, as the MG20 still develops every little fineness in synchronization. Fragility, anger, joy – so close to the figures you are rarely.

But also action fireworks are very good to the MG20: In the rapid multiplayer games of Halo Infinite we always kept the overview and could also hear the slightest indications of opponent movements. Exciting boss fighters in elden ring or a Robo-Dino Hatz in Horizon: Forbidden West sound as powerful. Here is the more important to details; The sound is not determined by individual, present tones, but a variety of impressions.

Only the 7.1 sound did not really want

The MG20 can optionally connect Qualcomms 7.1 format “APTX”. However, we were not excited at all and remained Sony’s 3D audio on the PlayStation or Dolby Atmos and DTS: Headphone X on the PC. With APTX we noticed an increase in space, but also disturbing background noises and distortions were added. In the main menu of the PlayStation, confirmation sounds buzzing up annoying when navigating the system menu. Many soft tones also rustle uncomfortable.

No Noise Canceling at the MG20
Within the product range of Master & Dynamic, Noise Canceling will be announced. In the MG20, the technique for “hiding” of ambient noise by means of a counter-sound but not on board. Very too bad, because the closed headphones do not spread completely from the outside world, and we escapes us a belonging plus of immersion.

Fummelige operation: The MG20 does not clearly communicate what we are currently setting on the headset. Whether the 7.1 sound is now turned on or not, you just have to listen, neither flashes the button for it, nor is you point out of a voice. Battery? Only viewed over the smartphone app. The competition from Sony or Razer is already significantly further and provides intuitive feedback by means of language announcements in combination with sound signals.

Possibly prone to wireless use

The MG20 uses only Bluetooth 5.0 as a transfer form, we decide for the supplied low latency adapter, a high radio range should be achieved without significant delays. However, during our test, the MG20 provided instabilities for complications.

If we left the room, we could reliably trigger a connection cancel, sometimes even simple head movements. Sipers were a constant companion. In addition, we had to deactivate all other wireless adapters in the apartment, such as our Xbox controller, which sparked on a 2.4-GHz frequency. They significantly affected the Bluetooth connection of the MG20.

Bluetooth audio worked only sporadically: On the Nintendo Switch we were able to use the MG20 only for 20 minutes until the connection broke off, the Steam Deck lasted the pleasure just five minutes. Only with the smartphone we did not encounter any difficulties.

No dual audio: Let’s connect the adapter for low latencies, it is always preferred as a connection method. Neither can we use two devices as audio sources at the same time, nor switch to the smartphone at the push of a button.

No Bluetooth pipes
When connecting alone, the Bluetooth module of the MG20 whistles. Therefore, you can use the headset almost safely when suffering from tinnitus or acute noise sensitivity.

Flexible connectivity: Master & Dynamic Fortunately, the MG20 creates a cable for connection via jack. All connection problems could be dealt with, but we fell on that touches on the cable are very strong on the driver housing of the left speaker skip and thereby can be audible. For audio enthusiasts a clear no-go!

Microphone quality

The MG20 is the first headset from Master & Dynamic, accordingly we were stretched on the voice quality of the flexible microph1. In the area you realize the inexperience comparatively clear, we would locate the microphone more in the midfield. The filtering works well, but the voice quality could be significantly stronger. In addition, Bluetooth dropouts also provide disorders here.

Here we have an example recording for you:

DrkrisRespect · Master & Dynamic Microphone Test

Other manufacturers, especially Beyerdynamic, are already a whole bit further and can look back on multi-year gaming connection.

Battery life

Master & Dynamic provides an approximate duration of 22 hours with a charge. In wireless operation, however, we achieved values ​​from 14 to 16 hours, depending on the purpose. To recharge the device we needed about three hours – at least that suggested the loading lamp, while the app jumped to one hundred percent after an hour.

Again, we have to complain about the user-friendliness: red and a dark green as status colors for the loading process have brought our color-lousy tester close to the edge of despair.

The app is limited to the essentials

With M & D Connect we can update the firmware of the headset and make adjustments to the sound pattern, for example, to make the deep more concise namers.


Land and firmware Equalizer



  • __facettreiches, wide sound
  • __in all frequency ranges first class
  • __in powerful sequences a lot of volume
  • __work details great out
  • __hohes level in games and multimedia
  • __Ortung of opponents works well
  • __high-quality materials
  • __robust construction
  • __ ear pads can be replaced
  • __Curting design
  • __Antso chic and robust microphone
  • __gute noise filtering of the microphone
  • __ light, bears pleasant
  • __Klinkenkabel as an alternative
  • __EQUALIZER via app
  • __schneller charging process


  • __-distorted 7.1 mode
  • __umbled operation
  • __forth-ending connection breaks, faults or dropouts
  • __Kein change between low-latency adapter and Bluetooth connection
  • __LEDALLY average voice quality of the microphone
  • __ in the upholstery no alternative to lamb leather
  • __ vibrations on the jack cable are transferred to the earpice
  • __Kein Noise Canceling despite the high price

Conclusion: The MG20 is a first class-sounding headset if it does not lose its connection.

Chris Werian

The MG20 of Master & Dynamic is a noble designed and excellently processed headset, which unfortunately sounds terribly – at least I went out for a few hours of it, since I did not realize that I have activated the built-in 7.1 feature, which distorted many songs and game scenes. When I switched off the function then, I hovered on cloud seven and fell in love with the sound picture.

For me, audio pure emotion and this feeling transports the MG20 perfectly with its balanced, filigree vote. The wide sound backlash is greatly filled, much more authentic you can not play tones. From plucking a guitar string on imposing explosions to troy bakers deep synchronous voice in The Last of Us – the MG20 kept countless goose bump moments ready for me.

Do $450 gaming headsets make sense? - Master & Dynamic MG20 Gaming Headset
However, for me, the great wedding drop was the overly weak performance in wireless operation. Continuing it came to dropping or dropouts, even as any device with a wireless connection in my room was turned off. So I quickly decided for the enclosed patch cable and a small headphone amplifier. Then the sound of the MG20 first unfolded first and every second became a listening pleasure.

For the purely wired use, the MG20 would be too expensive to me, even because of the clearly audible vibrations, as soon as you only strip the cable with the cable.

Overall, the price of 450 euros must be more easily possible – a better microphone, more comprehensible operation, noise cancelling, and above all a stable wireless connection. Potential is there, maybe it works with upcoming firmware updates or a successor model. Then I would answer the question in the heading with a clear “yes!”.

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