The new VR Half game

At one point, demi life was the most appreciated franchise of valve on the PC plan. But for years we have seen nothing again in the series, many fans wondering if the co-founder and CEO, Gabe Newell, would publish a third chapter. Well, it seems that something new could happen to the Game Awards next month, although it is not quite the number of people who some hoped.

A new transcription of the interview that appeared at Reddit predicts that a new demi life the game could be presented to the Game Awards when it is broadcast on December 12th. Half-life: Alyx, there seems to be links with previous games, but will present a new level of VR interaction ever seen before with the series. And in addition, his release date is not very distant in March 2020.

The report reports that the creator and producer of Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, speaks with the Valve game designer, Robin Walker (with another unnamed person), asking why it’s the virtual reality rather than A suite in its own right, as many people so wish. According to them, “it started as an exploration of virtual reality”, although the transcription was cut after that time.

The transcription is an interesting reading. That said, nothing of this is official, so take it with a grain of salt. After all, we have heard demi life rumors for years now; And although the passage to virtual reality is interesting, valve could be criticized to make it an exclusivity of this format. Do not forget the reception the company received during the announcement of its new dota game, only to be the card game on mobile artefact.

All details are available here. It would be a good surprise for The Game Awards, especially for a company as big as valve. And with the adoption of the upward virtual reality, some fans would be happy to come back to the world of Gordon Freeman.

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