Pulse, Vis, New CEO Heavy COO

14 days, Purt, Bis said that the new CEO was a new director (COO). The representative of the Chung Kyung-young will finish the term of the six-year term and told him.

The Bis representative was joined to the company in 2016. In 2017, he was an important role in listing the bis in KOSDAQ, and it is a global basis, including W403.8bn (2021), It is an evaluation that played a big role in leaping to a game developer.

Pulse, Bis explained that he was a new representative of Heavy COO through the board of directors. Pulse officials said, “Haejin Young COO has been evaluated as a working leader, and is evaluated as a working reader. New , Successful development, “I am looking forward to the new leader.”

Haejin Young CCO will be officially appointed as a representative director by approval of regular shareholders’ meeting.

* Heavy COO Profile


Spotlight On Our CEO How did the idea around Pulse Market begin?


Education: Physics, Korea University (Graduate School) Physics (born in 1971)

Career: On Net Director (96 ~ 06), SK Communications Community Military (06 ~ 09), On Net Publishing Commerce (10-12), Next Communication Game Service (12-14), Next Game Complex (14) ~ 15), Cacao (15-17) Pulse Bis COO (17 ~)

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